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Device Terms and Conditions

The term “Device” in this document refers to any device owned by Mater Dei College, including associated peripherals, that is loaned to a student.

  1. Parties Covered by These Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the student set to receive a Device from the College and their respective parents/guardians.

  1. Ownership

The Device is the property of Mater Dei College and is provided on loan to the student. Throughout the loan period, the Device remains the exclusive property of the College.

  1. Purpose

The purpose of loaning the Device is to support the student’s educational endeavours and is meant for their exclusive use.

  1. College Guidelines and Procedures

The student agrees to adhere to the College’s Guidelines and Procedures governing the use of the Device, as outlined on the College’s website and in the SEQTA School Based Guidelines and Procedures.

  1. Care of the Loaned Device

Students bear the responsibility for the proper care of the Device. If there is any malfunction, damage or breakage, the student agrees to promptly take the Device to the College’s IT Department for assessment and assistance.

Any issues relating to software or hardware, acts of vandalism, damage, loss or theft of the Device must be immediately reported to the College’s IT Department.

  1. Modifications

The Device’s configuration, hardware and software must not be altered, modified or augmented by anyone other than the College’s IT Department. Installing any unauthorized applications not approved by the College (including teachers, administrative staff and IT Department personnel) is strictly prohibited.

  1. Maintenance

Upon request from the College, the student will be required to return the Device to the College’s IT Department for maintenance at any given time.

  1. Term of the Loan

The College reserves the right to terminate the Device loan without prior notice if the College deems that there has been a serious violation of these Terms and Conditions or any related College procedures.

Upon the expiration or termination of the Device loan, the student must promptly return the Device to the College’s IT Department. Upon return, the Device will undergo an inspection for any damage, and if damage is found, appropriate actions will be taken, as detailed in the Damage or Loss of Equipment section.

Should the Device not be returned to the College within seven days following the expiration of the Device loan, the student’s parents/guardians will be contacted to discuss the terms for the return of the laptop.

In cases where a long-term (year-long) loan agreement is in effect, the laptop must be returned on the specific date(s) communicated to the student and parent/guardian, typically occurring during the last week of Term 4.

  1. Damage or Loss of Equipment

Any costs incurred by the College for repairing or replacing a Device will be billed to the parents as an excess charge. This charge may encompass the repair costs for damage or an excess of $500, which will be applied to an insurance claim if applicable.

In instances of non-compliance with agreed-upon responsibilities, the College may reconsider the student’s continued participation in the Device loan program.

In cases of loss or suspected theft, parents/guardians are required to file a report with the nearest police station. It is essential to record and provide the following information to the College:

  • The crime report number
  • The name of the police officer who filed the report.

In both cases, a witnessed statutory declaration should be furnished to the College.