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Enrolment Frequently Asked Questions

Need a question answered about Mater Dei College? Find the answers to some frequently asked questions below.

Does my child need to be Catholic to attend Mater Dei College?

No, Mater Dei College accepts applications for enrolment from people of all faiths and those with no defined religious beliefs. However, please be aware that our enrolment priorities are determined by Catholic Education WA and in the instance we have more applications than places available, these will be used to guide placements.

For more information, refer to the Catholic Education Western Australia Limited Enrolment Policy

My child has an Australian birth certificate, so why do I need to provide other citizenship documents as well?

Children born in Australia are not automatically Australian citizens unless at least one parent is an Australian citizen or permanent resident at the time of the child’s birth.  If both parents were born outside of Australia further evidence of citizenship is required.

Why can’t I provide a copy of my child’s immunisations from their childhood health book?

Mater Dei College is bound by the WA Government requirement that states the only acceptable immunisation documentation is the AIR from Medicare or a Certificate issued by the Chief Health Officer.  For more information, refer to the WA Government’s immunisation requirements.

Do I need to provide both a Parish Priest Reference and a School Reference?

No. A school reference is only required if a Parish Priest Reference is unable to be provided.  We do not need both.

My child has additional learning needs. Can the College help and when is the best time to discuss these with the College?

Yes, we can. The College’s Learning Support provides students with diverse learning needs, and those with additional social/emotional needs, with the opportunity to achieve their potential in a mainstream, supportive educational environment. Learning Support offers support to students who have been identified as needing help educationally and those whose learning needs vary from those of their peers. Our Learning Support staff assist students within the mainstream classroom and in smaller group tutoring scenarios to create an educational experience that allows students to achieve personal excellence.

Ideally, parents are asked to let the College know of their child’s needs prior to their interview and to have a full discussion to enhance the school’s ability to plan and support your child. We may arrange for the College’s Learning Support Coordinator to be available to answer any questions you may have.

Please be assured that the identification of additional support needs will not affect the enrolment decision of your child.

If we already have a child attending Mater Dei College, do we need to put in another application for their younger brother or sister?

Yes, each child requires a full application with supporting documents. Siblings are not automatically enrolled when their older brother or sister is. Please also note that siblings are not automatically entitled to a place at the College.

Does Mater Dei College accept overseas students?

Mater Dei College can accept overseas students in a limited set of circumstances depending on the Visa granted. We cannot cater to students whose visa requires the student to be registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS).

For any overseas student enquiries, please email a copy of the student’s visa grant notice, along with a copy of their last school report and birth certificate to the Enrolments Officer at

Can Mater Dei College cater to non-English speaking students?

We are not able to cater to non-English speaking students. We recommend you contact Aranmore Catholic College in Leederville if your child needs a school with an Intensive English Centre.

Are places offered based on date of submission or whomever has been on the waitlist the longest?

Available places are not offered in the order in which we receive applications or whomever has been on the waitlist the longest. For more information, refer to the Catholic Education Western Australia Limited Enrolment Policy

How many students attend Mater Dei College?

Mater Dei College currently has approximately 930 students with 180 students in Year 7.

What commitment is expected from Parents and Students of the College?

The educational endeavours of Mater Dei College require a commitment on the part of parents, students, staff and Advisory Council for the objectives of the College to be maximised and realised for each individual student.

Parents are expected to be supportive of the general aims and Policies of the College and to assist, where possible, in the attainment of the educational objectives of these Policies.

Parents are expected to participate in those functions organised for the whole College community and in those functions specific to the educational programme of their children (eg. Year meetings, Parent Teacher Interviews, Parents and Friends Committee).

Students are to support the College programme and to develop an understanding of their responsibilities as they progress through the College. All students are required to sign the Statement of Support for College Policies committing themselves to the College Policies and practices and agree to support the regulations which are made, or which may be made, from time to time, for the good management of the College.