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College Pillars

Mater Dei College offers a rich program in the Marian tradition of Catholic Education based on the pillars of Faith, Community, Service and Learning.

Our four pillars make up the foundation of the College as we strive for a culture of personal excellence based on high expectations.


At Mater Dei College, Mary guides us in all we do. We draw our inspiration to face all challenges from the example of Mary’s demonstration of faith, devotion and courage. We are guided by our Catholic faith, Marian tradition and Gospel values. Our staff serve our students and help them develop into the people who God intends them to be. We can be most effective in this service by leading our students to understand and believe they have infinite worth. We lead our students to a belief in an acceptance of this fact by always treating them with respect, decency and genuine Christian love and warmth.


Mater Dei College recognises that as a quality education provider, the overall formation of our students is the product of a community of committed people. Placing value on a community by cultivating a sense of belonging among our staff, students and parents is key to fulfilling our mission to nurture the whole individual and thrive in every sphere of their life. The College is committed to providing opportunities for our community to collaborate, contribute and celebrate.


The ideal of service is central to the ethos of Mater Dei College. Jesus provides us with a model of servant leadership and encourages us to seek ways in which we can be of service to others. Through this pillar, students grow awareness of what others may face and come to the aid of the less fortunate and the less able. It also means understanding the fundamental human need to care for others and to be cared for by others. As a community, we model service at many levels by supporting our charitable organisations, helping people in need and meeting the needs of our students and others in our College community.


The Learning pillar supports the College’s endeavours to provide a broad education for as long as possible in the belief that all students have a gift, a talent or an interest. Our staff aim to identify and nurture this in each student and to help them create a desire for excellence, success and lifelong learning.