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Mathematics gives students opportunities to critically evaluate, interpret, apply and communicate mathematical information in various practical situations and real-world scenarios.

In Mathematics, students from Years 7 to 12 learn and develop numerate skills to use mathematical ideas effectively to participate in daily life and make sense of the world.

Learn more about the Mathematics courses we offer below.


Years 7 to 10

Mathematics provides students with essential mathematical skills and knowledge across three content strands: Number and Algebra, Measurement and Geometry and Statistics and Probability. Four proficiency strands underpin the teaching and learning process reinforcing the importance of working mathematically. These proficiencies, understanding, fluency, problem-solving and reasoning assist students to develop numeracy capabilities required for personal, work and civic life.

Students in Years 7-10 are streamed into three courses, Mathematics, Mathematics Extension and Mathematics Foundation.

Mathematics: delivers the content of the Western Australian Curriculum with a particular focus on the judging standards at the Year 9 level.

Mathematics Extension: seeks to extend the more able mathematics students and engage them by providing opportunities to apply familiar skills and concepts to both routine and non-routine problems.

Mathematics Foundation: is designed to assist students to broaden their mathematical skills. The focus is on improving numeracy and applying skills to everyday mathematical contexts.


Year 10

Math:x will expand students understanding of mathematics by engaging them in challenges to enhance their problem-solving skills.

Students will participate in a range of modules throughout the year designed to cater for a broad range of interests.

This elective is sure to ignite passion as a mathematician and will provide students with a solid foundation for future studies of Mathematics Methods, Specialist or Physics in Year 11 and 12.

Mathematics Specialist ATAR

Years 11 & 12

Mathematics Specialist contains concepts that build on, deepen and apply the ideas presented in the Mathematics Methods course. This course provides opportunities, beyond those presented in the Mathematics Methods ATAR course, to develop rigorous mathematical arguments and proofs, and to use mathematical models more extensively. Students eligible to select Mathematics Specialist will also study Mathematics Methods in conjunction.

Mathematics Methods ATAR

Years 11 & 12

The major themes of Mathematics Methods are calculus and statistics. They include studies of algebra, functions and their graphs, and probability. They are developed systematically, with increasing levels of sophistication and complexity. Calculus is essential for developing an understanding of the physical world because many of the laws of science are relationships involving rates of change. Statistics is used to describe and analyse phenomena involving uncertainty and variation.

Mathematics Methods provides a foundation for further studies in disciplines in which mathematics and statistics have important roles. It is also advantageous for further studies in the health and social sciences. This course is designed for students whose future pathways may involve mathematics and statistics and their applications in a range of disciplines at the tertiary level.

Mathematics Applications ATAR

Years 11 & 12

The Mathematics Applications ATAR course is designed for students who want to extend their mathematical skills beyond Year 10 level, but whose future studies or employment pathways do not require knowledge of calculus. Financial, trigonometric and geometric applications, as well as univariate statistics are the theme for this course. It is ideal for students who have a wide range of educational and employment aspirations, including continuing their studies at university or TAFE.

Mathematics Essential General

Years 11 & 12

The Mathematics Essential General course focuses on using mathematics effectively, efficiently and critically to make informed decisions. It provides students with the mathematical knowledge, skills and understanding to solve problems in real contexts for a range of workplace, personal, further learning and community settings.

Mathematics Foundation

Years 11 & 12

The Mathematics Foundation course is designed to support students in learning and using the mathematical decision-making processes they will need as adults.