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Religious Education

Religious Education provides an engaging and relevant curriculum that enables students to deepen their understanding of the Catholic Church, encompassing the Gospel values and practices of the church.

Throughout their time at Mater Dei College, students from Years 7 to 12 will expand their spiritual awareness and religious identity.

As we foster the skills of discerning, interpreting and critical thinking in the search for truth and meaning, we prepare students to confidently meet the challenges of life.

Learn more about the Religious Education courses we offer below.

Religious Education

Years 7 to 10

In Year 7, students will learn about Jesus and the beliefs and practices of the Catholic Church. Students will learn what it means to live a Christian life through an introductory study of the Sacraments of Initiation, the Liturgical Seasons, Prayer, Christian Morality, and Social Justice. Students will explore various spiritual, moral, and social issues.

In Year 8, students will learn what people understand about God from creation and describe the relationship between people and the universe. They will identify characteristics of community embodied in the Church and know that Catholics celebrate their relationship with God in the Mass and the Seven Sacraments.

In Year 9, students will learn that people have questions, and these can ultimately lead to Jesus Christ. They will explore the common questions and yearnings known as human heart questions and discover that the Magisterium guides Catholics in living out the Gospel. They will explore the Christian concept of salvation, the response to human emotions, and the need for love.

In Year 10, students will learn the Christian values that Jesus taught and how these values can be lived by Christians today. The program assists students in integrating their religious understanding with their emerging maturity.

Religion & Life General

Year 11 & 12

The Religion and Life General course allows students to learn about religion and explores the relationships between religion, society, and individuals. It examines the nature of faith and how it offers individuals and their communities an understanding of the world around them. Students will develop an understanding of ways in which people discover, understand, and express their religious beliefs. They deeply explore Christianity by investigating its characteristics, origins, foundations, cultural influences, and development. They analyse the role religion plays in human affairs and examine issues of concern to religion. Students will use various primary and secondary sources and employ multiple methods to research, analyse and communicate information.

Religion & Life ATAR

Year 11 & 12

The Religion and Life ATAR course provides students with opportunities to learn about religion and the interplay that occurs between religion, societies, and people. Students will develop an informed and critical understanding of this interplay by drawing from a detailed knowledge of Christianity. Students will explore the characteristics of religion and investigate its origins, foundations, social influence, and development over time. They will analyse the role religion has played in society and understand the challenges and opportunities that religion faces. Students will develop research skills for conducting an inquiry, processing information, and communicating their findings.

10741NAT Certificate III in Christian Ministry & Theology

Year 11 & 12

Certificate III in Christian Ministry and Theology is a nationally accredited qualification offered by the Institute of Faith Education (IFE) in partnership with Mater Dei College. It allows students to study and reflect on their own beliefs and ethics and develop vital study and employability skills.

RTO IFE 31402