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Bus Services and Transport

Several public transport options are available to students travelling to and from Mater Dei College.

Using public transport or our private College bus services is an excellent way for students to develop independence and support parents who manage multiple school runs or need to commute to work. It also has the added benefits of reducing traffic congestion and our environmental impact.

Mater Dei College Bus Services

The College operates two private Bus Services for students through West Coast Bus Charters, the Banksia Grove Bus Service and Landsdale Bus Service.

Bus fares are $1.80 per ride.



To register for the College Bus Service, please fill in the form below.

Student's Address(Required)
To register for both Bus Services please contact Student Services.

Terms and Conditions
All students must follow our Bus Services Terms and Conditions:

  • Please ensure you have registered your child for the College Bus Services at Student Services
  • It is imperative that your child is at the desired stop no less than 5 minutes prior to the scheduled stop time
  • Any abuse of the privilege of travelling on public transport while associated with the College may result in the privilege being withdrawn and students may have to negotiate private travel arrangements in these circumstances
  • Please ensure your child’s account remains in credit. The College will contact parents directly should insufficient funds be available. Frequent insufficient funds may result in students being unable to continue using the service and being required to negotiate private travel arrangements.


TransPerth has buses and trains available for students.

The train line is located a short walking distance away from the College and bus stops are located along Treetop Avenue.

Students can work out their own personalised journey via the Transperth Journey Planner.

Pick Up/Drop Off

The College has two ‘kiss and drive’ drop-off and pick-up points, one on Treetop Avenue and the other on Pioneer Drive.

Please note that if you drop-off/pick-up your child, park in the visitor bays, not the staff car parking bays.


Students who have their driver’s license may drive and park at the College.

Priority is given to Year 12 students who are required to register with their Head of Year if they wish to drive to school.