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Pastoral Care Program

At Mater Dei College, we have structures and programs that proactively encourage and nurture our students by helping to identify and respond to their individual needs.

We are mindful of our responsibility to care for each student’s wellbeing, welfare, and development.

The Catholic Education Western Australia Child Safe Framework supports schools in maintaining a safe and supportive learning environment. It encourages and supports every member of our Catholic school community to make good decisions that always keep the best interests of the child or young person first. The Framework maps all Year levels and Learning Areas.

Upon entering the College, students are placed in one of six Houses and a Homeroom within their House. Homeroom classes group students together from Years 7 to 12. Siblings are placed in the same Homeroom to ensure our Homeroom Teachers and House Advisors develop strong relationships with each family. This structure gives our students opportunities to get to know peers from other year groups better, fosters a greater sense of support and community, and provides our senior students with the chance to be role models for our junior students.

Students are also arranged into a Wellbeing Group by year group and House. Wellbeing Groups meet every Thursday morning as an opportunity for students to engage in an age-appropriate Pastoral Care Program. As part of the program, students discover more about themselves and interact and form stronger relationships with peers from their year level. The Pastoral Care Program at Mater Dei College covers four broad themes from Years 7 to 10: resilience, decision-making, mental health and wellbeing and respectful relationships. In Years 11 and 12, the curriculum becomes more specialised as students prepare to meet their secondary graduation requirements and life beyond school. The syllabus content for each unit is driven by fundamental knowledge, understanding and skills and integrates relevant aspects of the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum.

Students remain in the same House, Homeroom and Wellbeing Group for their time at the College. To ensure continuity, they generally have the same Homeroom Teacher, Wellbeing Teacher, and House Advisor, who all provide the first level of support through our Pastoral Care Program. The second tier of support includes Heads of Year, who also remain with students throughout their secondary schooling journey, from Years 7 to 12. Having the same teachers, advisors and Head of Year allows for a better understanding of our student’s needs and circumstances. Our two Deputy Principals are the third tier who oversee the wellbeing of our students, followed by our Vice Principal and Principal.