Annual Report

The quality of student participation and achievement was of the highest standard in 2022 and was a welcome reminder to the Advisory Council of what the aim is when we discuss and advise on College matters.

All the staff and students at Mater Dei College managed the pandemic exceptionally well for the third year, minimising disruption to the curriculum as much as possible. For the Advisory Council, we were back to virtual meetings during the early part of the year, including the first-ever Annual General Meeting held online.

The Advisory Council welcomed our new Vice Principal, Mr John Laurito, to our meetings this year, who brings significant insight, teaching and learning experience to the Council. He has also effectively represented our Principal during her period of long service leave. We also welcomed our new Business Manager, Mrs Kristie Robinson, to the Council. She has slotted in seamlessly, providing us with effective reporting on College finance and operational matters. One of her first roles was to work with our Advisory Council treasurer and external auditors as we undertook our annual external financial audit, producing sound results for the year and ensuring that we continue to function on a solid financial footing.

At the start of the year, a significant change to the Council’s role occurred with enactment of The Catholic School Advisory Council Terms of Reference for all CEWA Ltd Schools. It has provided the Council with a structure to provide support and expertise to the Principal and College Leadership Team, moving more towards the direction of being advisory in nature. The Council will, however, still play a significant part in overseeing the Mater Dei College Strategic Plan 2022-2026 as we strive for continuous improvement.

In 2022 student numbers increased again, and the council were delighted to support our Principal and Leadership Team to continue with the positive initiatives to enhance enrolments. The group witnessed our students’ achievements first-hand by attending the Creative Arts Showcase, Community Fair and Community Dinner. As expected, the quality of student participation and achievement was of the highest standard and was a welcome reminder to us all of what the aim is when we discuss and advise on College matters.

Finally, I cannot end this report without mentioning how we were privileged to share in the success of our students’ sports program for 2022. The specialist AFL Academy and Basketball Academies continue to go from strength to strength, and it is fair to say that the Athletics program was the highlight of a most productive year. I had the privilege of attending the ACC Athletics Carnival in Term 3. Not only did Mater Dei win the division, but the students conducted themselves magnificently, supporting and encouraging other athletes from different schools, putting rivalries aside, and accepting victory in the most dignified manner. All those who attended that day set an excellent example of why Mater Dei is one of the most highly regarded schools in the northern corridor.

Mr Gareth Spence
Advisory Council Chairperson

Profile Information 2021 Data

Student Attendance

The total attendance for students in Years 7 to 12 in 2021 was 92%.
Year 7 – 94%
Year 8 – 92%
Year 9 – 92%
Year 10 – 90%
Year 11 – 90%
Year 12 – 92%

An attendance check is conducted during each lesson of the day. Student absences must be explained through a notification from parents. A text message is sent to parents of absent students who have not notified the school of the absence by mid-morning each day. Student absences are included on each student report posted to parents and may also be viewed on SEQTA.

Senior Secondary Outcomes

Statistics for students with an ATAR (includes students not aiming for university studies): We had 48 students completing ATAR pathway (38% of cohort) of which two Year 12 students received a Certificate of Distinction in 2022 and seven students received a Certificate of Merit. Seven students received an ATAR greater than 90. We had 29 ATAR students receive an early offer and had 7% of the cohort successfully enter University via alternative entry methods. Statistics for students attempting a VET certificate: 62% of all Year 12 students were enrolled in fewer than four ATAR courses and 49 VET Certificates were successfully completed. Statistics for students achieving a WACE: 96% of all Year 12 students in 2021 successfully achieved a WACE (WA Certificate of Education).

Post-School Destinations

For the Class of 2021 the proportions of students moving on to particular destinations were:

University – 57%
TAFE – 17%
Employment – 17%
Other – 18%

2021 NAPLAN Data:

YEAR 7 530 542 530 533
YEAR 9 582 587 576 573
YEAR 7 543 559 549 550
YEAR 9 595 605 596 588
YEAR 7 542 549 538 542
YEAR 9 591 598 587 577
YEAR 7 540 553 547 548
YEAR 9 591 590 582 580
YEAR 7 530 539 526 522
YEAR 9 579 579 563 551

Teacher Standards and Qualifications

The following pie chart summarises the workforce composition and the highest qualifications employed by individual teachers at Mater Dei College during 2021.

Non-Teaching Staff: Male 9 | Female 31

Teaching Staff: Male 30 | Female 43

Chart by Visualizer

Typically, all Catholic schools conduct a school climate survey every two years. The most recent survey of a range of students, parents and staff at Mater Dei College, looked at a wide range of questions concerning all aspects of school operation.

Noticeable findings showed favourable responses surrounding Peer Connectedness, Student Safety, Teacher Efficacy, School Communication, Affirming Diversity and the Welcomed Environment.

*A favourable response is considered to be a rating of 3 or higher on a five point scale.

School Income

Federal Government: $6,965,776
State Government: $2,863,238
School Fees: $5,341,899
Other Private Income: $316,918