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Annual Report

Mater Dei College continues to recruit highly motivated, talented and passionate staff. With their direction, support and leadership, all children have endless opportunities to find what makes their hearts sing.

I am honoured and privileged to serve the Mater Dei College community as the Advisory Council Chair.

My connection to the College began in 1993 as a new Year 8 student in the Foundation class. A total of 108 students started with humble beginnings in the form of two brand new buildings (now known as McCormack and Siena), led by the Foundation Principal, Mr Bernie Boss, and eight very dedicated and passionate staff who all wore many hats. 

Mater Dei College was founded on Mr Boss’s promise to all parents, urging them to follow Mary’s example of Faith with Courage. This courage meant sending their children to a school with no deep-seated history, no significant accolades or awards, no established performance ratings for the calibre of students it produced, and even an established culture or community spirit. The parents and staff had to have faith in the future and believe that it was possible. All was yet to be determined—a path yet to be defined but given strong foundations. We were presented with a unique opportunity to create our own identity, community and history as a College. 

Fast forward 30 years, and it is obvious now, as a parent of this community, that all the hopes and dreams made by staff, students and parents every year since have been achieved and surpassed. We have access to the most beautiful buildings, excellent resources and unique opportunities. 

Mater Dei College continues to recruit highly motivated, talented and passionate staff. With their direction, support and leadership, all children have endless opportunities to find what makes their hearts sing. 

You only need to read the College newsletter and follow the social media accounts to see how outstanding the calibre of the students attending Mater Dei College is. We have students achieving high academic excellence, State and National representation in many areas, local success in ACC competitions and CAS sports, and outstanding achievements in Catholic Performing Arts, to name a few. 

Success is not only measured in accolades and awards, though. Success is measured by one’s ability to achieve a goal, strive to be the best version of oneself, learn and develop new skills, create long-lasting friendships, foster positive communities, care for each other and our environment, have pride in oneself, and to have faith with courage that you can do whatever you set your mind and heart on. We see examples of all these kinds of success in our school community, and we should be very proud of these as well. 

The initial promise remains the same. While we now have the accolades, culture, and history, Mater Dei College continues to provide the environment for all students to create their path while being a part of something greater, the community we share. We continue to make our history each year, and the future looks exciting. 

The College stands in a powerful position 30 years from its foundation. The demand for placements is high, with waitlists for enrolments. This is due to all the hardworking students and staff who have built a strong reputation that families in our wider community want to be a part of. Mater Dei College welcomes that attention and will continue to work hard to offer the best opportunities possible.

On behalf of the Advisory Council, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Annette Morey and her dedicated team for not only continuing to provide a strong foundation for education and community spirit but for uplifting it and providing our students with the opportunity to dream any dream. 

Mrs Hannah Berlingeri
Advisory Council Chairperson

Profile Information 2023 Data

Student Attendance

Student attendance by year:

  • Year 7 – 91.49%
  • Year 8 – 90.68%
  • Year 9 – 89.38%
  • Year 10 – 91.12%
  • Year 11 – 91.07%
  • Year 12 – 88.43%

An attendance check is conducted during each lesson of the day. Student absences must be explained through a notification from parents. A text message is sent to parents of absent students who have not notified the school of the absence by mid-morning each day. Student absences are included on each student report posted to parents and may also be viewed on SEQTA.

Senior Secondary Outcomes

Students with an ATAR:

  • We had 28 students (25.7%) completing an ATAR pathway, of which one Year 12 student received a Certificate of Distinction and five students received a Certificate of Merit
  • We had three students receive an ATAR greater than 90
  • We had 28 ATAR students apply to university with 74.5% receiving first round offers.

Students with a VET certificate:

  • We had 74% of all Year 12 students enrol in fewer than four ATAR courses and 73 VET Certificates were successfully completed.

Students achieving a WACE:

  • We had 94.5% of all Year 12 students in 2023 successfully achieve a Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE).

Post-School Destinations

For the Class of 2023 the proportions of students moving on to particular destinations were:

  • University – 47%
  • TAFE – 21%
  • Employment – 24%
  • Other – 10%

2023 NAPLAN Data:

YEAR 7 538 540 537 539
YEAR 9 562 569 563 557
YEAR 7 543 544 537 538
YEAR 9 572 587 576 568
YEAR 7 531 540 532 536
YEAR 9 572 583 573 564
YEAR 7 541 545 540 539
YEAR 9 564 576 570 568
YEAR 7 549 540 529 534
YEAR 9 583 583 570 567

Workforce Composition

Teaching Staff: Male 35 | Female 45

Non-Teaching Staff: Male 9 | Female 35

Indigenous staff: Female 1


Teacher Standards and Qualifications

The following pie chart summarises the workforce composition and the highest qualifications employed by individual teachers at Mater Dei College during 2023.

Community Survey

Typically, all Catholic schools conduct a school climate survey every two years. The most recent survey of a range of students, parents and staff at Mater Dei College, looked at a wide range of questions concerning all aspects of school operation.

Noticeable findings showed favourable responses surrounding Peer Connectedness, Student Safety, Teacher Efficacy, School Communication, Affirming Diversity and the Welcomed Environment.

*A favourable response is considered to be a rating of three or higher on a five point scale.

School Income

Federal Government: $8,498,467
State Government: $2,951,996
School Fees: $5,975,021
Other Private Income: $374,480