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SEQTA is an online learning management system used by students, teachers, parents and carers to engage with learning and College communications.

SEQTA has three portals that are used to directly communicate with our College community, SEQTA Learn, SEQTA Engage and SEQTA Teach.


Used by students, SEQTA Learn allows students to access their daily schedule, College communication, subject and lesson information, submit assignments and receive teacher assessment feedback.

SEQTA Engage

Used by parents and carers, SEQTA Engage allows parents to see information about their child’s subjects, timetable, assignments, homework, College notices, newsletters and past reports. Most importantly, it allows parents to see ongoing feedback teachers are giving their child and how they can improve.


Used by teachers and the College, SEQTA Teach records and collects student data, provides daily organisation and enhances learning through sharing lesson resources and providing assessment feedback to students and parents.