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English offers students from Years 7 to 12 opportunities to develop practical oral and written communication skills and discerning reading strategies to navigate an ever-changing world.

In English, students will assess the world they live in and navigate it by building knowledge of themselves, the past, society, the world and their place in it. They will gain skills to participate fully and meaningfully in preparation for their post-school life.

Through English and English Extension, students will build on existing knowledge and skills in the areas of reading, writing, creating, speaking and listening. They will study various contemporary and traditional texts, displaying their knowledge individually and in teams.

The English Learning Area encourages students to see and make sense of the world creatively, critically and insightfully.

Learn more about the English courses we offer below.


Years 7 to 10

In English, students will study language, literature and literacy.

Year 7 students will develop knowledge about the focus of their context. By studying a range of texts, they will understand how their individual experience shapes their world and their understanding of it. They will focus on reading comprehension skills and writing effectively.

Year 8 students will learn about the focus of other times and places – the world and history as grounding for contemporary attitudes and values.

Year 9 students will focus on exploring the experience of others: marginalised groups, outsiders and outcasts. Students will consider how knowledge of others’ experiences impacts the meaning they make of their lives and experiences.

Year 10 students will learn about events that have shaped today’s world: social movements, war, and natural disasters. Through the study of a range of texts, students will assess the values, attitudes, beliefs and ideology of the society they live in with consideration of the past.

English General

Years 11 & 12

In General English, students will develop a sense of their own values, attitudes, beliefs and identity so that they can contribute to society in a knowledgeable and interested manner. Students will consider the information they consume and identify facts from fiction through the texts studied.

English Foundation

Years 11 & 12

The English Foundation course equips students with strategies to be successful in their post-school pathway by learning how to build their functional literacy skills.

English ATAR

Years 11 & 12

The English ATAR course examines the world and human experience in various text forms. Students will develop their analytical and writing skills by exploring the texts’ content and considering the range of perspectives and approaches they can use to make meaning.

Literature ATAR

Years 11 & 12

In Literature ATAR, students will develop critical analysis skills of traditional texts – poetry, prose and drama. These skills build a strong foundation for tertiary studies. Through their study of texts, students will identify and evaluate cultural, social and historical contexts over the centuries and compare them to their contemporary context. They learn to view and evaluate texts and the world through a range of perspectives. They consider the aesthetic and intellectual pleasure texts offer and the power literature has to open discussion about new ideas within a society and the impact this can have on changing ideologies. Students will learn to master academic writing – using evidence to support and build a convincing argument and discussion. They will also craft creative writing for aesthetic effects.