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Being part of a House helps strengthen our students’ sense of community and provides them with a sense of belonging as they remain in their House for their entire schooling journey.

Every student and staff member at Mater Dei College belongs to one of six Houses – Benedict, McCormack, Mercy, Romero, Salvado and Siena.

College House System

Each House makes up our College House System, first introduced in 1997. Before the system was introduced, all students were in Houses identified by numbers (House 1, House 2, House 3 and House 4), not names. In 1997 it was an exciting time for the College as the first four Houses, McCormack, Mercy, Romero and Salvado, were announced.

As a College community, we worked together to choose names that:

  • demonstrated a commitment to Faith and spiritual development
  • serviced fellow humans
  • were in line with the College motto, Faith with Courage
  • had a balance of gender
  • were of local and international significance.

After several years the College began to grow and in 2010, the inception of two new Houses, Benedict and Siena, were announced.

Today and back then, the purpose of having a College House System has always been to provide a vehicle and focus for our students to:

  • have an additional sense of belonging within a large population
  • have an opportunity to mix with different age levels
  • become involved in a variety of College activities and events
  • give such involvement more meaning or excitement through friendly rivalry and competition.


Students are awarded points for their House during our three major annual sporting events, including the Inter-House Swimming Carnival, Inter-House Athletics Carnival and Inter-House Cross Country Carnival. Students can also gain points for their House from other activities and by receiving commendations for contributing to our four pillars of faith, community, service and learning. The House with the most points at the end of each year is awarded the title of Champion House and receives the House shield.

House Feast Days

Each House celebrates a House Feast Day once a year. These days usually involve a House-wide Mass or liturgy, followed by lunch together as a House. Students also donate a gold coin to a Social Action Project of their Houses choice to give back. During days like this and other carnivals or activities, it’s a colourful array with all students wearing their House uniform with pride.

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