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Student Leadership

Having students' voices and active student participation is strongly welcomed at Mater Dei College.

Students are encouraged to get involved in leadership opportunities during their schooling, to learn to build relationships within teams and complete tasks as a group. Student leadership also provides an opportunity to learn effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Student Leadership Team

Our Student Leadership Team is a formal avenue for students to make fundamental changes within the College. The Student Leadership Team is a group of senior students with a strong sense of social responsibility, led by the Head Boy and Head Girl of the College. The Deputy Head Boy and Girl assist them. The team consists of Year Leaders, Pillar Leaders, and House Leaders. The Student Leadership Team is responsible for promoting a strong sense of community within the College, developing and displaying leadership skills, and setting an example to other students in areas such as behaviour, attitude and personal presentation. Members of the Student Leadership Team liaise between students, staff, the College Executive and the community. They represent the College at official functions and actively organize College events and activities.

Student Representative Council (SRC)

The Council is led by the Head Boy and Girl and Year Leaders. Two student representatives from Years 7 to 11 make up the Student Representative Council. The SRC are the spokespeople for their peers and year group. They table ideas, initiatives and concerns at their regular meetings. Students are appointed to the SRC every semester or twice per calendar year.

Student House Leaders

For each House, four students, two Senior House Leaders and two Junior House Leaders stand as representatives for their House. The Student House Leaders work closely with House Advisor staff to assist with the organisation and motivation of the House group, ensuring appropriate levels of student involvement in all House events and activities. Leaders assist with communication within the House and provide a contact point for students with ideas about House events and activities.