Community Frequently Asked Questions

Need a quick question answered about Mater Dei College? Find the answers to some frequently asked questions below.

Is there a College calendar?

Our live College Calendar is available on the SEQTA Splash page or on our website.

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Do you offer any outside of school classes or activities?

Yes, Mater Dei College offers a wide variety of co-curricular activities and programs catering to the diverse interests of our students. Students are welcome to join clubs, participate in sports and social action activities and more.

What are the period times?

Each school day starts at 8.35am and concludes at 3.15pm. For a further breakdown of period times refer to SEQTA or the College Student Planner.

Where do I drop my child off and pick my child up from school?

The College has two ‘kiss and drive’ drop off points for students, one off Treetop Avenue and the other off Pioneer Drive. Parents are asked not to park in the staff car parking bays when picking up/dropping off their child.

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Are there any bus services and other forms of transport for my child to get to and from school?

Our College runs two bus services through Horizonswest which are for Mater Dei students only. Alternatively, students can use Transperth services and work out a personalised bus route via the Transperth Journey Planner.

Is there a College canteen or cafeteria?

Our Treetop Café is open every school day, before school and at recess and lunch. Opening hours are from 7am to 1.30pm.

To place an order, email yours to before recess or order at the Treetop Café directly on the day.

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How do I login to SEQTA Engage?

Download SEQTA Engage to your device via the App Store for IOS devices or Google Play Store for Android devices. Once downloaded, open the app and select Manual Setup. Type into the school website section. Enter your username and password you have previously setup for SEQTA Engage.

Is there a College Newsletter?

Yes, there is. Our Dei to Dei College Newsletter is sent out monthly during term time via email to students, staff, parents and carers. It is also accessible to our community via SEQTA, located in the portal workspace.

I’m a previous graduate, who organises my reunion?

Reunions are not officially organised by the College, but you are more than welcome to hold your own. If you are holding a reunion, we would love to know about it so we can share it with our College community.

We have cohort time capsules available to collect for reunions from our Archives Office.

To let us know you’re holding a reunion or to enquire about collecting your time capsule email

What is the process for students arriving at school late or leaving early due to appointments?

All students arriving late to school are required to sign in at Student Services. A written parental note handed into Student Services or email to explaining the reason the student is late is required.

If a student needs to leave school early for an appointment, a parent or nominated person is required to sign them out at Student Services. If their departure is during class time, a written parental note handed into Student Services or email to is required so that the teacher can release the student from class on time.

How do I load money on my child’s Smartrider card for the cafeteria?

You can set up an account through My Student Account and transfer money onto the card for your child to use at Treetop Café.

What if my child has to take daily medication or has a medical plan?

If your child has a medical action plan such as anaphylaxis, asthma or diabetes you will be required to provide a copy of this plan and any medication and/or medical kits to Student Services so that they can ensure adequate care is provided for each individual child.

Students who require daily medication will be required to store these along with a medication permission form in Student Services so that staff can assist with the administering.

I need to take my child on a holiday/family event during term time what is the process?

Parents are strongly discouraged from taking their children on holidays during term time. Students miss out on valuable learning experiences as well as assessments. Opportunities for holidays exist throughout the scheduled school holiday time. Parents may exercise their prerogative to remove their child temporarily from school provided this does not breach the provisions of the Education Act. Parents are required to complete an Application for Extended Student Absence for any leave of three days or more. The Principal will review the information provided in the application and consider whether to approve the absence or not.

My child has forgotten something; how do I get this to them?

We encourage students to come to school prepared and ready for all classes. If they have forgotten an item and have requested you drop it off, please bring it to Student Services and we will message them directly through SEQTA to advise it’s ready for collection.

My child has lost something; is there a lost property?

Student Services has a lost property. If your child has lost something, they can go to Student Services to ask if the item has ended up in the lost property. We encourage all items to be labelled with the student’s name, so it is easier to return items. Please encourage your child to take extra care of their belongings because even despite our best efforts, sometimes we can’t recover items.