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Strategic Direction

The latest edition of the 2022-2026 College Strategic Plan encompasses numerous planning aspects for the College now and in the foreseeable future.

As a single, wide-ranging statement of strategic direction, the plan embraces our improvement plans and goals within five main categories: learning, pastoral care, community, stewardship and faith and service. These five key areas provide a clear focus for current priorities, so we can plan effectively.

In keeping with CECWA’s Strategic Directions and Vision for Quality Catholic Education, the plan outlines the strategic priorities for Mater Dei College and its educational community across this period.

Catholic Identity

The College endeavours to foster a rich, vibrant Catholic identity.


  • Strengthen the school’s ongoing relationships with the parish community and surrounding Catholic primary schools
  • Enhance students’ understanding of Gospel values, especially the Marian tradition and House patrons of the College
  • Develop a Heritage Walk in the College that tells the story of our patrons and our history.


To create a College community that is distinguished by positive relationships and a high level of mutual care, respect and support with strong home, school and community engagement.


  • Implement effective wellbeing and pastoral care practices which focus on respect, responsibility, resilience, self-confidence and mental health
  • Develop a whole school approach to behaviour support based on the principles of positive relationships to enhance student learning and engagement
  • Enhance and foster the wellbeing of students and staff
  • Collaborate with families to enhance relationships and foster a sense of community.
  • Maintain a strong presence in the local community
  • Develop Mater Dei Alumni and a form of communication to past students.


To create a College culture where the values of respect, compassion, integrity, resilience and academic excellence are evident with explicit teaching of Catholic beliefs and Gospel values across all Learning Areas.


  • Foster an environment of academic excellence through building a culture of learning among staff and students
  • Establish a strong work ethic and culture for learning
  • Offer a broad curriculum and pathways to cater for the needs and diversity of our students
  • Promote innovation in teaching and contemporary pedagogies in all Learning Areas
    Implement a cross-curricular approach to the explicit teaching of numeracy and literacy.


We commit to providing a well-resourced, financially sustainable, accessible, and affordable educational experience for our students.


  • Ensure the College meets all legal, system and regulatory requirements
  • Continued sound financial management of the College
  • Plan for the capital development of a multi-purpose building with Performing Arts capabilities
  • Maintain College facilities and resources to a high standard
  • Care for our staff through the provision of quality human resource practices which reflect Catholic social teaching.