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Enrol at Mater Dei

At Mater Dei College, we are committed to providing a distinctly Catholic education for children and nurturing the whole child.

Thank you for your interest in enrolling your child at Mater Dei College.

Mater Dei College is a co-educational secondary Catholic College for students in Years 7 to 12. The education and development of young people to reach their full potential is the focus of the College.

The College’s main student intake is Year 7, however, enrolments from other year levels may be accepted subject to availability. We strongly encourage families to submit their child’s application early in their primary education.

Learn more below about the enrolment process for future Year 7 students and other years.

Year 7 Future Entry

Your child is currently in primary school and is enrolling to begin their secondary education at Mater Dei College.

The College’s main intake for Year 7 entry is conducted two years prior to commencement, when your child is in Year 5.  First round offers of place are made at the end of Semester 1, Year 5. Enrolments received after this time will be subject to availability and your child will be placed on a waitlist if necessary. We strongly encourage families to submit their child’s application early in their primary education.

Follow our step-by-step enrolment process below on how to apply.

1 - Enrolment Application

Click here to download the Application for Enrolment

Complete an Application for Enrolment form and return it to the College by emailing, along with copies of your child’s:

  • Birth certificate
  • Current Immunisation Statement
  • Baptism certificate (if applicable)
  • Last two (2) school reports and NAPLAN results if your child is currently in Year 4, 5 or 6. Reports are not required for younger children.
  • Visa or Citizenship documentation (if applicable).
    If your child has an Australian Birth Certificate and both parents were born outside of Australia, please provide either a copy of child’s Australian passport, child’s Australian Citizenship certificate, parent’s Australian Citizenship certificate dated prior to child’s birth or Visa Grant notice dated prior to child’s birth.
    If your child was born outside of Australia, please provide either a copy of their current Visa Grant notice, Australian passport, or Australian Citizenship certificate.
  • Parish Priest Reference (if Catholic) or School Reference. We do not require both.
Parish Priest Reference FormSchool Reference Form

An Application Fee of $50 per student applies and can be paid via the College’s website, by phone or in person at the College. This fee is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Only once the College has received the completed application, all required supporting documents and payment of the application fee, will the application progress to the next stage.

Please note that the acceptance of an application does not guarantee an enrolment interview or subsequent offer of enrolment.

Other important points to note:

  • Children born in Australia are not automatically Australian citizens unless at least one parent is an Australian citizen or permanent resident at the time of the child’s birth. If both parents were born outside of Australia further evidence of citizenship is required.
  • The Public Health Act 2016 requires parents to provide a copy of the child’s current immunisation status to the school and the only acceptable documentation is an Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) immunisation history statement no more than two months old or a valid immunisation certificate issued or declared by the Chief Health Officer. Photocopies of childhood immunisation books are not acceptable. Refer to Immunisation Requirements for more information.

2 - Enrolment Interview

The student and family will be invited to meet with a member of the College’s Executive Team for an interview.

Interviews for the main intake of Year 7 students will be held in Semester 1, when your child is in Year 5.

3 - Offer of Place at Mater Dei College

Following a successful interview, the student and family are sent a Letter of Offer.

Letters of Offer for the main intake of future Year 7 students will be finalised by the end of Semester 1, when students are in Year 5.

4 - Acceptance of Enrolment

To accept your child’s place at Mater Dei College, the Confirmation of Enrolment form needs to be completed and signed by parents then returned to the College by the nominated date. A non-refundable and non-transferable deposit of $600 is required at the time of acceptance. The $600 will be deducted from your child’s first Fee Account when they commence at the College.

5 - Orientation

When your child is in Year 6, in Term 4 we invite all Year 6 students with a confirmed enrolment to an Orientation Day, with a Parent Information session held that evening. The aim of the Orientation Day is to help with the transition from primary school to high school, alleviate any anxiety students may have, as well as start building new friendships.

All families with confirmed enrolments for that year group will be contacted by email with the details.

Academic, Music and Sporting scholarship applications are called for at the start of the year your child is in Year 6. All scholarship testing is held in the first semester with scholarships awarded by the end of Term 2. Please refer to our Scholarship page for further details.

Entry for Current Year 7 to 11 Students

Your child is currently in Years 7 to 11 and you are considering enrolling them to complete the remainder of their secondary education with Mater Dei College.

Although the College’s main intake prioritises incoming Year 7 students, availability may occur from time to time in other year levels. To be considered for a place, please email the below information to

  • A copy of your child’s last two school reports
  • A brief statement as to why you wish to move your child to Mater Dei College
  • The academic year and desired start date for your child.

On receipt of the above, the College’s Enrolments Officer will be in contact to discuss availability and to progress to a full application and interview.