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Mission Projects and Charities

Mater Dei College prides itself on teaching students to be informed global citizens with a social conscience and a moral compass.

We encourage students to get involved in fundraising and Christian service activities, which allow them to help others in need. We encourage them to consider the positive impact they can make in local, national and international communities when opportunities arise beyond the classroom.

Our fundraising initiates and donated resources are directed to four Catholic organisations:

  • St Vincent de Paul Society
  • LifeLink
  • Caritas Australia
  • The Shopfront.

In other times of need, the College directs funds to other worthy causes as they present themselves. Fundraising occurs at a Whole School, Year and House level.

How we give back

Whole School Projects

Our Whole School fundraising events and initiatives include Project Compassion, Foundation Day, Christmas Hampers and the Lap-a-thon for LifeLink.

House Projects

Every year each House contributes a monetary donation to a Social Action Project of their choice. Students donate a gold coin for this cause on their House Feast Day.

Year Level Projects

To enhance students’ overall understanding and sense of mission at Mater Dei College, we have allocated each year a specific Mission Project.

  • Year 7: The Shopfront – Give a Can

The Year 7 students donate cans of food to the Shopfront. Other students in the College may contribute to the cause. The Shopfront offers help and assistance to people struggling with accommodation, budgeting, depression, hunger, loneliness, addictions, and violence. They provide warm, caring, fellowship and hospitality to visitors and network with other agencies to enable them to assist people in need effectively.

  • Year 8: Ruah Community Services

The Year 8 students donate toiletries or household items to Ruah Community Services. Ruah is a not-for-profit community service provider in Western Australia that provides support in housing and homelessness, family and domestic, mental health and wellness, legal advice and reputation.

  • Year 9: Disaster Relief Appeals (through St Vincent de Paul Society)

The Year 9 students conduct monetary fundraising events that go towards a donation to the St Vincent de Paul Society. The St Vincent de Paul Society provides a helping hand to many Australians through food assistance, material aid, budget advice, shelter, advocacy, friendship and support.

  • Year 10: Environment

The Year 10 students help keep our College community clean by helping empty the recycling bins.

  • Year 11: Winter Sleepout

The Year 11 and Year 12 Social Action students participate in the Vinnies School and Community Sleepout. Vinnies Sleepouts give students a glimpse into the realities of homelessness by ‘sleeping rough’ for a night to raise awareness and funds for the Vinnies homelessness services. This experience challenges students’ sense of home and offers unique insights into the complex issues faced by people experiencing homelessness.

  • Year 12: Lap-a-thon for LifeLink

The Year 12 students lead in organising the annual Lap-a-thon for LifeLink, where the College community donate money, wears crazy socks and hats and walks laps around Ballaruk Oval. LifeLink provides ongoing financial and promotional support to agencies established or assisted by the Church. LifeLink’s agencies deliver professional services and caring support to thousands of people in need throughout Western Australia each year.