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Careers and Vocational Education and Training (VET)

At Mater Dei College, it is our mission to make sure students are world ready by offering a variety of pathways and programs to support them in their personal education journey.

Students have access to a range of Careers and Vocational Education and Training (VET) opportunities at the College. No matter the pathway, the College has something for every student.

For Year 9 students, they have access to Career Starter, a program designed to challenge thinking and make connections between education and post-school opportunities. The program is designed to get students to become ‘career curious’ through practical activities and meaningful experiences, including guest speakers and industry excursions.

For Year 10 students, they are offered the Head Start Program, which is based on the project-based learning model in which students will acquire career knowledge and skills to explore and participate in industry training. The project is specific to the student’s passion and inquiry choice, using a variety of employability skills such as critical thinking, communication and creativity. The program involves community partners, who support students with work experience in second semester. This SCSA endorsed program allows students to gain C grades towards their WACE.

For Year 11 and 12 students, there are multiple opportunities with Careers and Enterprise, Certificate II in Workplace Skills and the Future Ready Program.

Learn more about the Careers, VET and certificate courses we offer below.

Head Start

Year 10

The Head Start program gives students a head start in their chosen careers by acquiring career knowledge and skills by participating in work experience in an industry they choose. The program is an Authority Developed Work Place Learning (ADWPL) School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) endorsed program that allows students to demonstrate and develop increasing competence in the core skills for work. These skills are transferable employability skills that the students can take into any workplace or school situation and play a key role in lifelong learning. The program follows a project-based learning (PBL) model that involves a portfolio of work from throughout the year and participating in a work placement of their choice. Students will hear from several guest speakers and attend various career days and excursions as part of the program.

Future Ready

Years 11 & 12

In the Future Ready program, students will become ready for their future by having the opportunity to explore future pathways. Students can complete a certificate in their chosen field or complete workplace learning in collaboration with industry. The VET certificate and workplace learning enable students to gain credit towards attaining their Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). Future Ready is offered to students as one of six General or VET pathway subjects. All students will either complete Certificate II in Workplace Skills or Career and Enterprise General as part of this course at the College. Students will go to either TAFE or a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) one day a week to complete their certificate or work placement within their industry. Students can choose from an extensive range of Certificates, including pre-apprenticeships in the trade industry in electrical, plumbing, automotive, and construction, traineeships in beauty, health and Certificates in education support and business. These opportunities can result in offers of further study at TAFE, as an alternative entry to university, apprenticeships, traineeships and employment.

Career and Enterprise

Years 11 & 12

Career education involves learning to manage and take responsibility for personal career development. The Career and Enterprise General course consists in recognising one’s skills and talents and using this understanding to assist in gaining and keeping work. The course develops a range of work skills and an understanding of the nature of work. Key components of the course include the development of knowledge of different personality types and their link to career choices, entrepreneurial behaviours, learning to learn and the exploration of social, cultural and environmental issues that affect work, workplaces and careers.

BSB20120 Certificate II in Workplace Skills

Years 11 & 12

Certificate II in Workplace Skills assists students who have not yet entered the workforce to develop the necessary skills needed to succeed in work. Students will carry out a range of procedural, clerical, administrative and operational tasks that require self-management. This industry qualification provides students with an opportunity to gain a comprehensive skill set to increase their employability and prepare them for a variety of entry-level business service jobs. Students achieving this qualification will develop skills and knowledge in soft skills that companies look for, such as communication, teamwork, and awareness of wellbeing in the workplace and hard skills, like preparing documents and using digital technology and business software. Combine your program with progressive qualifications and build a long-term study plan to achieve your learning and career goals.

RTO IVET 32413

BSB30120 Certificate III in Business

Years 11 & 12

Certificate II in Business enables students to learn and use in-demand skills practised across a wide range of industries and gain skills and knowledge needed to work in various roles in a wide variety of business settings. Students will learn how to work in teams, empower their creative and critical thinking and learn to use sustainable work practices. They will also explore the importance of workplace wellness and safety, learn and deliver excellent customer service and the creation of a variety of business and digital documents using the latest computing software. This certificate leads to the following career opportunities: receptionist, administrative officer, customer service officer or general clerk.

RTO IVET 32413