Dei to Dei

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Last week we were pleased to receive a letter from Dr Tim McDonald (Executive Director of Catholic Education WA), congratulating Mater Dei College on our above average gains compared to schools with similar students in the 2016 National Assessment Programme Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN). With a total of 163 Catholic schools in WA, we were one of 24 schools in our system recognised by ACARA (Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority) as having achieved these considerable gains. Effectively, the measure is designed to analyse improvement shown by the Year 7 cohort of 2014 when they were tested again as Year 9 students in 2016. In our case, improvement was especially noted in Reading and also in Numeracy. Whilst NAPLAN is just one measure of student achievement, the fact that we have been recognised in this way for the last few years is testament to the ‘value added’ to student achievement in the first few years of secondary school at Mater Dei. In next week’s newsletter, Mrs Tamara Boyer (Deputy Principal - Teaching & Learning) will outline some of the strategies we have adopted to enhance academic outcomes for students.

Regards and God Bless,

John Aldous

Acting Principal


Interim Reports and Parent/Teacher/Student Interviews

The Interim Reports are now available to view on SEQTA. To access your child’s Interim Report, log on to SEQTA Engage:

then click on the “Reports” icon. If you are having trouble logging on to SEQTA Engage please email our Receptionist Ms Sam Munro who will assist you.

An opportunity exists to meet teachers at the Parent/Teacher/Student Meetings to be held in the Bernie Boss Hall on Wednesday 5, April 2017 commencing at 10.30am and concluding at 7:30pm with a break in the middle of the day to allow for teacher professional development and also a dinner break at 5.00pm. To arrange an interview for that day, please access the Parent-Teacher Online (PTO) booking facility via the sign-in page on the College website.

The PTO facility is now available for booking appointments with teachers from now until 3.00pm on Tuesday 4 April.

To log in to PTO click on "Obtain PIN/Password" and follow the instructions.

Full instructions are provided to you after log in but please note the following points:

  • When you log on, the system displays only your own child/children. Bookings are made by family (and alternative family if applicable).
  • You will be given the opportunity to select multiple teachers and a starting time, after which the system will calculate optimal booking options. This way multiple bookings can be made all at once.
  • You can also switch to manual mode (and back if you wish) in which you will only see timeslots that are available at the time you are using the system. As time slots are booked for teachers, those timeslots are no longer displayed as available. PTO prevents double booking of teachers or parents/guardians.
  • When you have made all the bookings you require, you can print a report of your bookings in time order. You can log in and change bookings any time up to 3:00pm on the day before the interviews.
  • If you see an exclamation mark on a yellow background displayed alongside the class name, it means this teacher requests that you book an interview.
  • Other parents may be making bookings at the same time that you are using the system. It is possible, though unlikely, that a timeslot is displayed to you as available, but is then booked by another parent shortly afterwards. If you then attempt to book this timeslot it will not be available and a message will be displayed to indicate this.

If your son/daughter is taught by the same teacher for more than one subject and you would like to meet with that teacher, please book only one appointment time slot to see that teacher.

If you encounter any problems using PTO please contact Ms Sam Munro who will assist you.

We hope you find that the Interim Report provides useful feedback and stimulates conversations with your child and we look forward to seeing you at the Parent/Teacher/Student Meetings on Wednesday 5 April 2017.

John Sullivan                                                      Teresa Cosgrove

Deputy Principal - Students                                  Deputy Principal - Students