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Hawks AFL Academy success


Hawks AFL Academy success

 Hawks AFL Academy success

We are very proud of the recent success of the Hawks AFL Academy program. On Sunday 29 July, the Senior Girls football team played in the Moore Division finals, versing John Septimus Roe College at Optus Stadium. The final score was; MDC 2.3.15 to JSR 0.0.0. Emily Bennett’s talent was recognised and she received the ‘best player’ award. This follows the recent success of the MDC Senior Boys team who won the 2018 Jackovich Premiership Cup when they defeated Comet Bay (MDC 3.3.21 to CB 1.4.10). These are fantastic achievements and we look forward to seeing your football careers develop.


2019 Scholarships - Closed


2019 Scholarships - Closed

Mater Dei College holds a commitment to providing accessible quality education. As a result, the College is providing a number of full tuition fee* Scholarships for both our Middle School and Senior School in 2019.

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25th Anniversary


25th Anniversary

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Bus Service


Bus Service

Mater Dei College operates two private Bus Services for it's students. Tickets are available from Student Services and must be purchased prior to boarding the Bus. A book of Ten Bus trips may be purchased or a Term Pass, purchased tickets are not transferable to another term.

To download a copy of the Landsdale Bus route, please click HERE.

To download a copy of the Banksia Grove Bus route, please click HERE.

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AFL Academy


AFL Academy


The Australian Rules Football Program at Mater Dei College (MDC) aims to provide talented students with an opportunity to further develop their footballing ability, with an emphasis on skill development and gameplay strategies and tactics.

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Enrolment Enquiries


Enrolment Enquiries

To enrol at Mater Dei College you need to complete an Application Form (Expression of Interest) for each child and lodge at the College, the cost of applying is $50. To download an Application Form, please click on the image below.

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Wellbeing Service

Staff Members

  • Sally Stott – Coordinator of Wellbeing Service
  • Sharon Thomson – Counsellor
  • Janine Hanlon -  Counsellor
  • Maddie Guggisberg - Counsellor

What is the Wellbeing Service?

At Mater Dei, we take very seriously our responsibility to ensure the social, emotional and psychological well-being of our students. 

Research states that the creation of strong mental health and well-being in young people will undoubtedly improve academic outcomes. In response to this and the changing needs of young people in today’s challenging world, the MDC Wellbeing Service has been created.

Where do we fit?

At Mater Dei, our pastoral care system is central to supporting students and their families. The following 3 tiers of support remain in place throughout a student’s life at the College: 

Tier 1 – Homeroom & PCG Teachers (in liaison with Year Coordinators)

Tier 2 – Year Coordinators (in liaison with Dean of Students

Tier 3 – Deputy Principal

 The Wellbeing Service & The Learning Support Service work alongside this tier system to offer support where needed.

What we do?

Some of the services we offer:

  • Assessments and short-term/crisis counselling and support.
  • CONCERN website available for students to request support, assistance or advice
  • Referrals to external services (Headspace, Youth Focus, GP and Psychological Services) for ongoing and regular support of students and their families.
  • Collaboration with external services to ensure student’s needs are continually addressed.
  • Provide advice, support and information for students and their families through the MDC Website, Student Services Wellbeing Resource Station, Presentations and Guest Speakers.
  • Staff and Parent Training Courses
  • Delivery of Preventative Programs, Workshops, Presentations and Courses, developed and delivered in various methods throughout the College timetable.
  • Youth and teen MHFA courses

How do I make an appointment?

Parents are asked in the first instance, where possible to make initial contact with the Year Coordinator. The Year Coordinator will address all concerns and make a referral through to the Wellbeing Service if necessary. By keeping the Year Coordinators informed at all times, they will be able to identify areas of concern in their Year Group.

The Wellbeing Services staff will then organise to meet with the student and will aim to provide appointments to students within 7 days. We will, of course continue to respond to crisis situations and those assessed as being in immediate need.

If you are a Mater Dei College student and you are not sure about who to talk to or you are concerned about someone you know then please view our MDC Concern page for more information HERE. 

Students are able to self-refer and will be encouraged to do so through the followingThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.