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Hawks AFL Academy success


Hawks AFL Academy success

 Hawks AFL Academy success

We are very proud of the recent success of the Hawks AFL Academy program. On Sunday 29 July, the Senior Girls football team played in the Moore Division finals, versing John Septimus Roe College at Optus Stadium. The final score was; MDC 2.3.15 to JSR 0.0.0. Emily Bennett’s talent was recognised and she received the ‘best player’ award. This follows the recent success of the MDC Senior Boys team who won the 2018 Jackovich Premiership Cup when they defeated Comet Bay (MDC 3.3.21 to CB 1.4.10). These are fantastic achievements and we look forward to seeing your football careers develop.


2019 Scholarships - Closed


2019 Scholarships - Closed

Mater Dei College holds a commitment to providing accessible quality education. As a result, the College is providing a number of full tuition fee* Scholarships for both our Middle School and Senior School in 2019.

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25th Anniversary


25th Anniversary

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Bus Service


Bus Service

Mater Dei College operates two private Bus Services for it's students. Tickets are available from Student Services and must be purchased prior to boarding the Bus. A book of Ten Bus trips may be purchased or a Term Pass, purchased tickets are not transferable to another term.

To download a copy of the Landsdale Bus route, please click HERE.

To download a copy of the Banksia Grove Bus route, please click HERE.

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AFL Academy


AFL Academy


The Australian Rules Football Program at Mater Dei College (MDC) aims to provide talented students with an opportunity to further develop their footballing ability, with an emphasis on skill development and gameplay strategies and tactics.

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Enrolment Enquiries


Enrolment Enquiries

To enrol at Mater Dei College you need to complete an Application Form (Expression of Interest) for each child and lodge at the College, the cost of applying is $50. To download an Application Form, please click on the image below.

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Twenty first century Laptop Programmes are part of an international move towards individualising education. Using personal digital learning technologies, these programmes aim to increase independent and self-initiated learning in students and extend their learning beyond the classroom. By engaging students in this way, students take greater pride and ownership over the knowledge they create and are encouraged to become lifelong learners.

The Apple MacBook range of laptops comes with a range of software and learning tools designed to make teaching and learning easier and more engaging. 

Students are able to use any of the current Apple MacBook range, 13” MacBook Air, 12” MacBook, 13” MacBook Pro or 13” MacBook Pro Retina with at least 256GB of storage (recommended but 128GB acceptable).

The MacBook comes as a complete hardware-software package with a range of educational applications not available with PCs and Windows Operating systems. It comes with the OS X operating system which is designed for ease of setup and use.

The benefits to the student include:

  • Access to technology anywhere in the College
  • Technology is available on or off campus at all times
  • Access to the tools they need to create information and media-rich work and share this work with their teachers and peers

To find out find more about the Laptop 1:1 programme and the ICT Policies please view the links below:

Purchasing your MacBook

  • Buy direct from Apple using this link to the Apple online store: Alternatively, if you wish to go to the Apple store in Perth or Booragoon you will receive the same pricing along with advice. You need to mention the k12-discounted_802577 code.
  • Buy from MacWorx, Joondalup, with this offer link Mater Dei College Apple Bundle Offer.
  • Buy from JB Hi-Fi online store https://www.jbeducation.com.au/byod/? Use code MDC2018. This pricing is only available online
  • Buy from any other Apple reseller.

Guides, Policies and Laptop Requirement Information.

Process for existing Students to complete before the start of Term 1 2018

With the rollout of the CEWA Leading Lights project we are changing the way that we setup our student MacBooks.

We therefore need to restore all existing student MacBooks to factory settings. You will need to follow the BYOD Programme Erasing MacBook and performing Internet Recovery Guide As this process will erase all data on the MacBook you may wish to backup any data using the BYOD Programme Backing Up and Restoring Data Guide

To learn more about the use of Mac's in the classroom please view

Parents and students make the best decisions about learning tools when they understand  the products and services they're using and how their information is handled, to learn more about the built in privacy features please follow the link

If you are experiencing financial hardship and need to hire a laptop then you will need to contact the IT Department. To email the IT Department please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone on 9405 4777