Dei to Dei

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff of Mater Dei College,

It was wonderful to welcome back the students in summer uniform for the commencement of the final term for 2017. This term we also welcomed four new families to our community.

Whilst most of the College was enjoying the holiday break, our Year 12 students were busy completing their final College assessments for the year: The Semester 2 examinations. Thank you to the Deputy Principals who coordinated the examinations and were present at school each day throughout the exams to ensure they ran smoothly.

Next week is a very exciting week for our Year 12 students as they complete their formal secondary education. On Thursday 19 October, the Year 12 students have an opportunity to meet as a year group before their Graduation on Saturday evening. Whilst I have an opportunity to address the Year 12 students at the assembly, I would like to formally wish each of them all the best in their future endeavours.  Please keep the Year 12 students and the families who support them during this important time in your prayers.

At present the College is working on the Strategic Plan with a view to provide direction for the next five years at Mater Dei College. Thank you to the Parents and Friends Committee, College Board and staff for their input thus far. Throughout this term I will also meet with the Student Executive Council as representatives of the students to hear their ideas for the future of our College.

On the last weekend of the October holidays I had the pleasure of attending the 20th anniversary reunion of the foundation students.  It was a fabulous night where past students and staff shared their stories from the past 20 years. It was wonderful to see past staff attend in particular foundation Principal Mr Bernie Boss and foundation staff: Mrs Liz Williams, Mrs Kathryn Probert and Mr Rob Crothers. Many past students expressed their amazement of the growth of the College and the current facilities. My sincere thanks to our Treetop Café Manager Mr Andrew Watson for catering on the night and College Board member and foundation Head Girl Mrs Hannah Berlingeri for coordinating the reunion evening.


Towards the end of Term 3 the 2017 Year 12 Executive Council led a Leaders Forum for interested students in Year 7-11.  I was so impressed with the maturity of our young people.  One common suggestion amongst the students at the forum was the reintroduction of the College diary. As a result of this feedback, all students will be issued with a Mater Dei College student diary at the start of the 2018 school year.

The Year 7, 2018 Orientation Day is fast approaching. I look forward to meeting with our incoming new students and parents on Wednesday 25 October.

God Bless

Annette Morey

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