Dei to Dei

Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff of Mater Dei College,

It is hard to believe November is upon us. This last week was yet another very successful fortnight at Mater Dei.  The 2018 student leaders have commenced in their roles after receiving their badges last week.  I am very excited about working with our fine young leaders next year.  Congratulations to the following students:

Head Boy and Head Girl:                      Aiden Boonnark and Emma Pryce

Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl           Alan Pryce and Maddison Strunk

Benedict House Leaders                       Chris Evans and Monique Feritto

McCormack House Leaders                 Eva Gauntlett and Briahna Clarke

Mercy House Leaders                          Kiara Griffiths and Jessica Quinn

Romero House Leaders                        Joseph Ranasinghe and Layne Wilson

Salvado House Leaders                        Thomas Snelson and Maddison Strunk

Siena House Leaders                            Jaxon Bilchuris and Alyssa Clark

Year Leaders (7,9,11)                            Alan Pryce and Autumn Fraser

Year Leaders (8,10,12)                           Riley Chua and Madison Reid

Faith/Service Leaders                           Zac Atkinson and Ebony Cleland

Learning Leaders                                 Haydn Lawson and Claudia Desveaux

Community Leaders - Culture              Jamie Grove and Marta Brak

Community Leaders - Sport                 Bevan Deasy and Gabrielle Bassanelli

During October, Principals received communication from Bishop Don Sproxton on behalf of the Bishops of Western Australia advising that Dr Tim McDonald had completed his contract as Executive Director of Catholic Education Western Australia. Dr Debra Sayce, Director of Religious Education, has been appointed in the role temporarily for 2018. We wish Dr McDonald well in his new endeavour and congratulate Dr Debra Sayce on her appointment and look forward to working with her in the best interests of the Mater Dei community.

Three of our talented students competed in the WorldSkills cooking competition last weekend. Congratulations to Haydn Lawson and Shinah Fife on outstanding results and to Vivian Ataya who was awarded a Bronze medal. Thank you to Ms Peta Brown for her guidance and support of our WorldSkills participants.

In the last few newsletters I mentioned staff changes for Mater Dei College in 2018. Mrs Helena Martins, Head of Religious Education, will be on leave for the duration of the 2018 school year. Dr Wayne Keady has resigned his position as Head of Science and has been appointed temporarily in the role of Acting Head of Religious Education for 2018.  Mrs Aoife O’Shea has been appointed to lead the Science Learning Area in 2018. 

It was lovely to welcome back our Chaplain Fr John Daly who has returned from leave this week in time to celebrate the Year 11 final liturgy for the year.

In closing I wish the Year 11 students all the best as they commence their Semester Two examinations next week. I remind all students to support our senior students by being quiet around the exam centre whilst moving between classes.

God Bless

Annette Morey

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