Whadjuk Gift Day

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Our 2019 Whadjuk Gift Day was celebrated on Wednesday 3 April at the College. Nearly 300 students from some of our local Catholic primary schools, attended these included;

  • St Anthony’s
  • St Luke’s
  • Whitford Catholic Primary
  • Liwara Catholic Primary
  • Padbury Catholic Primary

The Whadjuk Gift is centred around Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nations. Each school is allocated a number of nations to research and create t-shirt designs. The primary school students then decide upon a design for each nation which is printed on t-shirts and worn on the day. The students come and represent an Aboriginal nation in a day of sports based cultural activities. This year our Year 7 Mater Dei students joined the visiting primary students to take part in the Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony conducted by Lenny Yarran and Ingrid Cummings.

After the cermony the students moved to the oval to view the large mural cube created by staff and students at Mater Dei and to participate in the activities which culminatedin a relay race. The Certificate II students in Hospitality and Sport and Recreation were responsible for coordinating the activities. Our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students were ambassadors on the day. It was a wonderful community effort by a range of learning areas.

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