In Year 9 students learn that people have common questions and yearnings known as human heart questions. These questions lead people to God. They learn that the Magisterium guides Catholics in living out the Gospel. They recognise that Christians are called to share in the mission of Jesus by following God’s laws. 


This unit seeks to raise students’ awareness of common teenage spiritual experiences and common difficulties that hamper the possibility of spiritual relationships. It recalls ways the Holy Spirit empowers followers of Christ to rise above these common difficulties, so that they can develop spiritually to become more like Christ. Students will look at the Gospel of Mark and study ways Jesus taught his followers to live in order to draw on the power of the Kingdom of God through the Holy Spirit. Finally looking at Mary


Students in Year Nine are at an important phase in their emotional development. They do not want to be controlled by their emotions and they seek to develop their character, will and conscience in ways that are beneficial to self, others and their relationships with family, friends and those with whom they come in contact. This often leads them to ask the human heart question which underpins this Unit: How can I learn to choose to appropriately direct my emotions and find emotional peace?


In primary Religious Education units, as well as secondary units in Years 7 and 8, students studied the concept of the human body as the ‘language’ of the human person. The body is meant to express the inner goodness of a person in verbal and non-verbal ways. Commonly held contemporary attitudes equate sexuality and sex.

In Australian society, many people hold confusing ideas about human sexuality, such as:

  • • Expectations that people should freely follow their sexual feelings
  • • That once a relationship reaches a certain ‘level’, sex should be expected
  • • There is something unnatural about a person never having sex
  • • Chastity requires the ‘repression’ of sexual feelings.

These ideas and many like them that are conveyed in the media are neither healthy nor life-giving.

In this unit students will gain an understanding of Christian sexuality, i.e. a healthy sexuality functions as God created human sexuality to function.