In Year 9, Dance students are given further opportunities to choreograph using the elements of dance (BEST), choreographic devices and structures to develop choreographic intent. They build on and refine technical competence in their dance skills in specific dance styles. Students are given opportunities to present dance to an audience, focusing on retention and clarity of movement, projection, focus, expression and musicality. They further discuss the choreographer's use of the elements of dance, choreographic devices and structures, and design concepts for choreographic intent in the dances they make and view. They investigate the evolution of particular dance genres/styles.
Genres studied include elements from Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Jazz


Students continue to develop acting skills and performance techniques that were introduced in Year 8 Drama. Students will develop their own characters in performance, rehearse and perform short group-devised performances and monologues. Students will learn key terms and concepts relating to stagecraft and technical elements of theatre.
Course requirements: Students are required to have a pair of ‘theatre blacks’ for this subject (black pants or shorts and a black t-shirt).
Prerequisite: The study of Year 8 Drama is an advantage but not essential.
Pathway: This course leads to Year 10 Drama.


Building on work previously studied in Year 8, the Year 9 Music course aims to give students a grounding upon which to pursue further studies which could lead to further music study at a University or Conservatorium, or study at various institutions which offer certificate and diploma courses preparing people to work in the music industry.

Our music course aims to develop skills essential for success in any music field and will focus on four main areas:

• Aural skills (listening)
• Composition (the building blocks of music writing, and writing music) and music notation (how we communicate our musical ideas to others).
• Cultural and Historical Analysis (analyzing the way music is written / constructed, and how it fits into, and is affected by and affects the society and times in which it is written)
• Performance (playing music and developing performance skills). Practical performance (playing an instrument) is essential at this level of study.

We will focus on the beginnings of Rock and Popular music from the 1950’s – 1980’s, the string family of instruments, and program music. Included in this will be the study of musical works which will illustrate trends and compositional techniques. Students will also learn to use useful Music Technology.

Pathway: Year 10 Music
Prerequisites: Year 8 Music or previous or ongoing instrumental tuition.