Digital Technology and Coding

Digital Technology and Coding will develop a student’s knowledge, skills and abilities to become creators of the future digital world rather than just users of it. 

In year 9 Students will do tasks which include; 

  • Complete more complex Programming and Coding tasks or Robots and/or Drones using common programming languages and computational thinking and using computer science knowledge.
  • Explore and practice of coding and programing in games such as Minecraft.
  • Apply appropriate social, ethical and technical protocols to combat hacking and security breaches.
  • Create websites and Social media presence and Digital Marketing content.
  • Facial recognition technology and artificial intelligence.

Pupils will have also have access to the Mac and PC labs to use the full range of hardware and software, including the full Adobe and Microsoft office suites, to do high level video and photo editing, Greenscreen, Stop motion Animation etc. and can use a TV ‘studio’ set up in one of our IT Media labs.  

Prerequisite: Nil

Pathway:  Year 10 Digital Technology