Health Education

Course Description:

In this course, Year 9 students will identify and apply relevant criteria to determine the reliability of online health information. They will evaluate a range of characteristics of respectful relationships, such as showing respect for self and others, personal differences and opinions. They will describe and apply appropriate skills and strategies to resolve and manage conflict within different environments.

Physical Education

Course Description:

Students will select and use individual movement skills and sequences that increase in complexity and perform them with increased speed, control and improved accuracy. They will implement tactics and adapt them in response to performance. In competitive contexts students will learn to participate ethically and demonstrate ways to build motivation and encourage team work.

Outdoor Recreation

Course Description:

Through interaction with the natural world, the Outdoor Education course aims to develop an understanding of our relationships with the environment, others and ourselves, and ultimately contribute towards a sustainable world.

The integrated approach within this course allows for practical activities, theoretical concepts, and relationship with the environment to be incorporated into a meaningful program of learning. It provides students with an opportunity to develop essential life skills and physical activity skills, an opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of the environment and develop a positive relationship with nature.

The course aims to develop self-awareness and leadership through opportunities to plan for, and facilitate, outdoor experiences.


- B Grade achieved in Year 8 Physical Education.

- ability to confidently swim 200m in open water

Approximate Cost: $100