In Year 8, Dance students continue to use improvisation skills to build on their movement vocabulary. They choreograph dances using the elements of dance (BEST) and choreographic devices for a purpose. They further develop their dance skills to explore the technical aspects of different dance styles. Students are given opportunities to present dance to an audience, further developing their performance skills of retention and clarity of movement, projection, focus and expression. They discuss how dance can communicate meaning and how dance genres/styles differ.
Genres studied include elements from Hip-Hop, Contemporary and Jazz.


Throughout the year students will build on their Year 7 Drama experiences by enhancing their acting skills and confidence, and developing and refining group-work skills in our spacious Drama Studio. Through the study of the Elements of Drama, students learn how to create strong dramatic meaning for effective performance. Drama is a highly practical subject that uses drama games, movement and script work as a means of learning.
Course Requirements: Students are required to have a pair of ‘theatre blacks’ for this subject (black pants or shorts and a black t-shirt).
Pathway: This course leads to Year 9 Drama.


Year 8 Music:
The course aims to reinforce / revise and build upon the basic elements from the Year 7 Taster Course

• Expand upon the elements of musical notation (both pitch and rhythm),
• Introduce students to musical instruments used in modern / popular music and ‘classical’ (Western Art) music
• Give students extended performance opportunities to play in a ‘rock band’ setting.
• Introduce students to some of the concepts of the Broadway musical and Programme Music
• Extend knowledge of musical theory using computer program ‘Musition’.
• Build and develop students’ aural abilities through performance and the computer program ‘Auralia’
• Introduce basic elements of composition and computer assisted composition