Year 8 Foods

Students will build on and develop their basic food preparation skills using a variety of kitchen equipment and tools.  They will study the importance of nutrition for good health, looking specifically at teenagers in order to make healthy food choices in the future.

They will be given the opportunity to research, design and create their own savoury recipe and enhance their interpersonal skills when working with others.

This subject will incur a cookbook levy.



Year 8 Childcare

Year 8 has an emphasis on practical activities; enabling the students to explore the development of children aged from three months to two years of age. During the course, the students will focus on development, care of infants, basic needs of the child, and ways to enhance development through nurture and play.

This subject will incur a workbook levy.

Year 8 Textiles

Students will learn basic hand and machine sewing techniques including sewing seams and inserting a zip.  They will be introduced to basic embellishment skills.  They will investigate, design and create a variety of textiles projects.

This subject will incur a workbook levy.