Parents and Friends Committee (P&F)

The Mater Dei College Parents and Friends Committee (P&F) supports the aspirations and endeavours of the College.

The committee is the fundamental parent body central to building our community, promoting a spirit of friendship and fostering opportunities for all families of the College. The P&F comes together to organie events such as the Mother’s Day High Tea and Mater Dei College Community Fair.

They also provide valuable assistance and funding for the College. Each school year, a P&F levy is charged to all parents to help fund specific projects around the College to enhance the learning facilities available to our students.

Our staff, students and parents who actively involve themselves in the College community foster a sense of community and pride. For parents wanting to get involved, the P&F meets twice a term. To come along to a meeting, check out the College calendar for meeting dates.

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During the College’s Annual General Meeting (AGM), community members are appointed to Executive roles within the P&F.

This year’s P&F Committee Executive are:


Mrs Kerry Yates

Deputy Chair

Mr Benjamin Parker


Mrs Annette Parker


Mrs Assumpta Haynes


Mrs Assumpta Haynes 

Event Coordinator

Mrs Narelle Agrela

For more information or to contact the committee, enquire below.