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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program aims to integrate technology seamlessly into the College curriculum.

At Mater Dei College students bring their own computing devices to school where teaching staff develop and deliver lessons utilising modern and innovative technologies.

Students entering the College in Years 7 to 12 are required to purchase a device for use at the College. The device can be sourced from any provider but must meet minimum specifications which can be found in the Suitable Device Guidelines.

Parents are encouraged to consider the Apple and Lenovo/Windows offers at JB HI-FI Education where the Information Technology team has curated a list of recommendations for families. To access the recommendations, use the school code – mdc2024.

All student devices will have access to College software, including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Defender antivirus and the Adobe Creative Cloud suite – there is no need to purchase these or additional software products.

Find more information below about specific areas of interest.

Care and Maintenance

Students should keep their devices separate from their regular school bags, as we frequently see devices with liquid damage from water bottles. A liquid resilient sleeve is recommended if a separate bag is not feasible.

Extended Warranties and Insurance

The College recommends families pay extra attention to the warranty provided with the device. In most cases, purchasing an extended warranty (ideally three years) with accidental damage coverage will be of great value and reassurance. Families should also review their home contents insurance as it may already cover theft and damage to their child’s device regardless of where it may occur.

Note: A recent law introduced by ASIC prevents the sale of add-on insurance products at the same time a consumer product is purchased – including extended warranties with accidental damage. A cooling-down period of three days needs to lapse before any add-on insurance products can be sold. This recent ruling has meant that Apple has suspended the sale of their Applecare+ product outright. Other manufacturers offer various options for families to purchase extended warranties with ‘accidental damage’ coverage after three days. Until both ASIC and manufacturers provide further clarity, the best action for families is to ensure accidental damage to computers/laptops is covered under your home contents insurance.

Games and Other Applications

The device students bring to the College is primarily for educational purposes. Only the use of approved applications by teaching staff is permitted whilst on campus. Students are not prohibited from using the device for other purposes at home; however, if anything conflicts with the primary purpose of the device, then it will be removed.

Loaning a Device

If your child’s device is away for repairs, a short term loan device may be available from the IT Department for up to two weeks.

If your child needs to loan a Device from the College, please fill in the form below and click the Submit button when it appears. For loans longer than two weeks (not attached to the Ballaruk Bursary), will go to Finance for approval.

New Students

At the start of the new year, families of Year 7 students and other new students to the College will receive an email with their student CEWA login details and instructions on enrolling their device into the College system. Enrolling the device means the College can remotely install software and apply settings required for the student to begin using their device on their first day. There is no need for families to visit the College before the start of the school year to have their devices set up.

Students should ensure their CEWA login details are memorised or safely stored, as they will require them at different times throughout the school year.

Student Responsibilities

Students must ensure their devices are fully charged for the start of a school day, and ensure all their work is saved in OneDrive where it will be backed up and accessible in the event of a device being stolen, damaged, or replaced.

All students attending Mater Dei College must adhere to the Catholic Education WA Code of Conduct.


If a student needs IT support, the College has an Information Technology helpdesk available to help with most software issues and provide guidance. Please note: for problems including physical damage to devices, the College’s IT team is unable to help.

If a student has a device that is not working, the College has a small pool of devices that may be able to be loaned for a short period. To receive a loan laptop, the IT team must see proof the device has been damaged and is undergoing repairs.

To contact the IT helpdesk email or call 9405 0552. The helpdesk is open from 8am to 4pm during school days.

For additional support, see resources available to support families:


Regardless of how old the device is, all students must remain up to date with the current versions of macOS or Windows – including security updates and major versions. In the case of a major software version update, it’s best to wait a couple of months after the release to ensure bugs are fixed before you upgrade.