The House system was introduced at Mater Dei in 1997, the fifth year of the College’s operation. For the first part of 1997 Houses were known by numbers ie. House One, Two, Three, Four. However, during this time students and teachers were asked to research suitable names for each house. Criteria for the names included:

  • demonstrated commitment to Faith and spiritual development. 
  • service of fellow humans 
  • courageous living out of Faith in line with Mater Dei’s motto, FAITH WITH COURAGE. 
  • gender balance 
  • local and international significance.



The purpose of the House System is to provide a vehicle and a focus for students to:

  • have an additional sense of belonging within a large population.
  • have the opportunity to mix with different age levels.
  • become involved in a variety of College activities.
  • give such involvement a little more meaning or excitement by means of friendly rivalry and competition. 



The Champion House for each calendar year will be announced at the first Full School Assembly of the following year. The championship is awarded to that House which accrues the greatest number points during the year. All students have abundant opportunities to contribute to the performance of their House. House point scoring activities are grouped under the headings of Sport, Academic, Cultural & Social Justice. Points are awarded to each activity based on the time commitment required by students and the impact the activity has on College life.Students who accumulate certain minimum levels of House points are recognised for their contribution by being awarded relevant House Merit Certificates. After accumulating these House certificates, students may apply to be awarded higher status within their house.



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