The College provides a wide range of resources for the use of students including computers, scanners, digital cameras, various software titles and printers.  Students are encouraged to utilise these resources within their academic programs.  Each student is able to apply for a network account which will entitle them to their own personal reserved space on the school network


Laptop Programme
Since 2010, the College has operated a MacBook Programme to provide students with up-to-date digital resources for use in all subjects. The Programme is supported by a comprehensive network infrastructure including a variety of general information technology resources, and is based on the MacBook Pro line of computers. The Programme uses a “Bring Your Own Defined Device” (BYODD) arrangement allowing parents to source their child’s device from any company they wish, provided it meets minimum requirements, and is compulsory for all students in Years 7 – 12. As part of the Programme a specific College Operating Environment (COE) is “imaged” onto the supplied device to ensure all students have access to the resources and support provided by the College. A yearly fee applies for the provision of the COE. This image is kept up to date while the student is part of the Programme but removed from the device when the student exits the Programme. Download the Laptop Programme Guide using the link below.


Laptop Programme - Guide to Parents


To learn more of the Laptop please click HERE.