Aims and objectives of the Academic Excellence programme

• To provide high achieving students with the necessary resources throughout their time at the College to ensure they achieve to the best of their ability.
• To provide students, who are gifted and talented in specific areas, the opportunity to further develop their skills and attributes.
• To encourage higher order thinking and provide challenging learning experiences.
• To allow like-minded students to interact and network.


Primary means of identification (2014)

• Year 7 – MYAT testing, Primary School Portfolios
• Year 8 – Year 7 academic achievement and grades
*Students participation in the program from one year to the next will be based on 50% potential and 50% academic achievement.


General info

• Allocation of periods/time slots where students who are part of the program are taken out of class one period per week.
• Program will consist of term or semester long activities where students work individually and in groups.
• Generally no alteration of curriculum
• Students will be reviewed at the end of each semester and their place in the program will be dependent on their performance within the program.