Mater Dei Office Hours During School Holidays

The College Administration will be open all of the school holidays excluding:

  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Easter Tuesday
  • Catholic Day (April 24)
  • ANZAC day (April 25)


Head Lice Information

Please be advised that there has been reports of head lice at the College, as a preventative measure could parents/guardians please check your child’s hair for head lice.

Please note: Mater Dei College follows the guidelines for treatment and management of head lice as per Department of Education Best Practice Guidelines.

What are Head Lice? Head lice are tiny insect parasites that live on the human head, feeding on the scalp several times a day. Head lice reproduce by laying their eggs (nits) on the hair shaft close to the scalp. They are not dangerous, don't carry diseases and are not a sign of poor hygiene.

How are head lice spread? Head lice are spread by head-to-head contact with another person who has head lice, e.g. when doing group work at school, playing, or hugging. Head lice can run from one head to another in seconds. Head lice cannot fly, jump or swim, but they can sometimes 'trapeze' from one hair to another. Brushes and combs are unlikely to transfer head lice and do not transfer viable eggs, as these are very hard to detach from the hair shaft. Head lice are not spread through bed linen, clothing or head gear, as they do not leave the scalp unless they are dead or dying. Eggs (nits) do not fall off until weeks after they have hatched as the egg shells are glued tightly to the hair shaft.

How do I look for head lice?

  • Dry head checks are unreliable, due to the speed at which head lice move.
  • Saturate dry hair with white hair conditioner, then comb in sections with a metal fine-tooth 'nit' comb. Wipe the comb on a white paper towel and examine them with a strong light or magnifying glass to look for head lice and eggs. 


What do I do if I find head lice?

  • Check all household members (use white hair conditioner).
  • Choose one of the treatments recommended by the Department of Health
  • Early treatment can prevent spreading to further close contacts.
  • For further information go to


Youth Mental Health First Aid

We are approaching the end of a busy and exciting term for Mater Dei College and the Wellbeing Service. The Service and the College as a whole continue to work towards enhancing student’s mental health, wellbeing and the development of strong positive relationships.

According to Catholic Education WA Executive Director Tim McDonald, the focus of schools should be to promote,

“Strong pastoral support and a focus on maintaining safe and engaging learning environments where all students can flourish.”

As such, following attendance at several workshops over the last year, Mater Dei College has become the first school in Perth to be a White Ribbon, Breaking the Silence School.


Breaking the Silence is an award-winning professional learning initiative for principals and teachers that provides foundational knowledge, tools and strategies to implement respectful relationships and domestic violence education programs in schools. 

The program supports schools to bring about a commitment to stop violence against women. It builds on existing initiatives to strengthen a culture of respect and equality at all levels of the school community – through curriculum, pastoral care, role modelling from staff, policies and procedures, domestic violence education programs and strengthened family and community partnerships. 

Schools that complete Breaking the Silence are recognised as White Ribbon Schools, becoming a strong symbol of a safe, equitable workplace and vehicle for community change.

The Breaking the Cycle program will also compliment the new Child Protection Curriculum implemented this year, which all College staff members attended training for this term.

In addition to this, the College believes that it is imperative that those who play a significant role in the lives of young people are equipped to identify warning signs that there may be an issue, provide support for the young person and access professional help where needed.

As such, for 4 weeks during the term, a group of parents and family members of Mater Dei students have gathered to attend training in the Youth Mental Health First Aid Course.

‘Mental Health First Aid is the help offered to a person developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The first aid is given until appropriate professional help is received or the crisis resolves.’ (YMHFA Manual, Third Edition.)

The Youth Mental Health First Aid Course is for adults working or living with adolescents (those aged between 12 and 18 years). The course teaches adults how to assist adolescents who are developing a mental health problem or in a mental health crisis. Course participants learn about adolescent development, the signs and symptoms of the common and disabling mental health problems in young people, where and how to get help when a young person is developing a mental illness, what sort of help has been shown by research to be effective, and how to provide first aid in a crisis situation.

In addition to this, another group of staff members will attend the two day course in Term 4, which continues the process of all staff members of Mater Dei being trained and qualified to provide mental health first aid where required.

The feedback from the participants of the parent course was very positive and the course will run again in Term 4, 2016.

If you are interested in attending this course or would like further information, please contact me on or 9405 4777 to register your interest.

We wish you a peaceful and relaxing school holidays and look forward to Term 2.

Sally Stott

MDC Well-Being Service

Israel Trip

On Monday 6, March I was fortunate enough to travel to Israel on a tour that my Dad was leading. We visited all the core biblical sites of Jesus’ life, purchasing various souvenirs along the way.


A big highlight for me was visiting the Garden Tomb, as the place changed your mindset from looking at a piece of history to something present. As we would walk into the tomb where Jesus resurrected according to the scriptures we would view history, then we would turn and see written on the door ‘he is not here for he has risen’. 

It was amazing to walk on the same paths that Jesus walked and the houses, synagogues, and mountains that Jesus visited, where ruins remain today. Even visiting places in the Old Testament such as the fallen walls of Jericho that are around 5000 years old. 


We froze in the Sea of Galilee, floated in the Dead Sea, dipped our feet in the Jordan River, took a cable car to the mount of temptations, and tasted a variety of Israeli foods as well as having a lot of fun and learning a lot of information along the way.

Philippa Westlake

Israelnewsletter2    Israelnewsletter1 

Year 12 ATAR PE Studies

High Flyers Trampoline – Biomechanics Workshop

Two classes of Year 12 ATAR PE Studies attended a Biomechanics Workshop at High Flyers Trampoline Academy on Monday April 3. 


The students got to put the theories of Angular Momentum, Moment of Inertia, Torque and Levers into practice by literally twisting and turning their way around the popular Trampoline and Gymnastics centre.

Following a Biomechanics lecture by the highly acclaimed Coach Tony, the students tested out their theoretical knowledge on the trampolines and into the foam pit. They completed part of an Investigation task and had a fabulous time in doing so.


Year 11 RAC Bstreetsmart Excursion

On Wednesday, 29th March, 50 Year 11 students, along with 8,000 other students from schools around Perth attended the RAC Bstreetsmart Event at the Perth Arena. The purpose of the day was to make young people aware of the rate of fatalities and injuries of young Western Australians, and what we can do if we are involved in a car accident.

In the first half of the presentation was a re-enactment of a car crash. This accident occurred due to distraction of the driver, and resulted in one fatality, a serious injury, and an arrest. This re-enactment was very life-like and definitely impacted many of the students, if not all. It represented what can actually happen in real life, which makes us, as young people, conscious of what can take place on the roads. 

11RACBstreetsmartNewsletterDuring the second half, we heard from 3 victims of car crashes, whose lives have drastically changed, along with their family’s lives. Two of these victims were Quadriplegic, and the other victim lost his legs. Listening to their stories gave all of us, young men and women, an insight into the hazards of dangerous driving, the harsh realities victims must live with and the adversity families and friends of the victim(s) face after a crash. It required us to really think about the consequences of reckless driving and how it can determine the rest of our lives within a millisecond.

We’d like to thank Mrs Croasdale and staff for organising this excursion. It was very worthwhile and eye-opening for everyone. 

Senior Boys Cricket

The Mater Dei Senior Boys Cricket Team progressed through to the semi-final stages of the tournament. Up first, we played Mazenod College. We won the toss and bowled first restricting Mazenod to 6/121. The standout performers were Chris Evans with 2/14 off his 4 overs and Riley Holly with 2/17 off his 4 overs. We then went in to bat and got off to a strong start but quickly crumbled before being dismissed for just 72. Thomas Snelson top scored with 25.

cricket4This meant the Team played Mandurah Senior High School in the playoff for third spot. The Team restricted Mandurah to 156. We then went into bat and just fell short of the total. The standout batsmen was Matt Richards with a total of 39 runs.


Even though the Team finished in fourth position, we are very proud our achievements and look forward to going further in the competition next year.

Riley Holly

cricket3     Cricket1 

Inter House Cross Country Carnival Results 

Interhouse Cross Country 

Careers Corner

Skill Shortage information by Occupations

In today’s economic climate it would be wise for our students to research and explore recent statistics about occupations that are in demand within Australia and more specifically WA. Allowing them to make educated decision regarding their future paths. The Department of Employment carries out research to identify skill shortages in the Australian labour market. The research results provide information about skill shortages at the state, territory and/or national level.

This page contains skill shortage information by occupation.

Murdoch University Opportunities

  • Creative Industries Evening – for prospective students interested in Creative Arts fields of study, being held on Wednesday 5th April.
  • A Day in the Life of a University Student – an opportunity for Year 11 & 12 students to experience everything Murdoch has to offer, being held on either Thursday 20th or 21st April.
  • Games Coding Camps – interactive school holidays technologies camps for students aged 7-17 years, held on April 18th, 19th and 20th.


Student Success

Rhiannon Clarke (year 9) represented Western Australia in the Australian Athletics Championships at Sydney Olympic Park this week. She had a successful competition by gaining a few PBs and some medals. 

Rhiannon Clarke


Weekly Inspiration 

Weekly inspiration1

Chalkboard artist Mrs Helena Martins-Lamb

Holiday Reading

Come into the Library before the end of the week to renew any outstanding items and stock up for some holiday reading!



We are now taking enrolments for siblings starting Year 7 in 2019 and all other years.

For further enquiries please phone our Enrolments Officer, Ang Lourens on 9405 4777 or email:



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