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Whooping Cough Alert

We have been made aware that a student at the College has been diagnosed with Whooping Cough, to find out more about the illness please download a fact sheet HERE.



Many students find it difficult to concentrate and stay focused when they are doing their schoolwork at home. So, what can we do to improve concentration levels? Try these top tips:

  1. IMPROVE THE ENVIRONMENT: Have a good hard look at the environment you are trying to concentrate in. Is it noisy? Are there more exciting things happening around you? Is it too hot? Too cold? Are you uncomfortable? Too comfortable? What can you do to make the space more conducive to concentration?
  2. BLOCKS OF TIME: If you are someone who finds it difficult to concentrate at home don’t try and study for too long at a time. Instead tell yourself you will work for 20-30 minutes then you can have a break. If you know it is only 20-30 minutes it is much easier to concentrate than if it was for an indefinite period of time.
  3. ANCHOR TO THE PRESENT: Create a focus word that brings you back on task. We all daydream. The key is to start to pay more attention to when you are doing it and then immediately take action. If your key word for example was ‘orange’ when you notice you are day-dreaming say ‘orange orange orange’ to refocus your attention to your work.
  4. RESET THE BRAIN: Sometimes you just need a time-out from what you are doing in order to be able to concentrate again. If your attention is constantly wandering, then get up and have a drink, walk outside, kick a ball – just take 5 to 10 minutes to clear your head so you can come back fresh to your work.
  5. WORK OUT PEAK TIMES: Start to pay attention to what time of the day you are most focused. That’s when you need to do the harder work or the work that requires greatest concentration. If you know you get tired after dinner don’t leave the difficult work until then.
  6. CARROT AND STICK: Some people are motivated by working towards rewards, others by avoiding punishments. Give yourself a target time to focus with a little reward at the end if you achieve it – or maybe a little punishment if you don’t!

You can learn more about how to be a more effective student at by logging in with the details below and working through some of the units. There are also lots of useful grids and planners at the bottom of the Things to Print page.

Username: formaterdeionly

Password: 122results


After School Support – Mathematics and English

As OLNA approaches, English teachers will be available on Wednesday and Thursday afternoon to assist students who would like to do some extra preparation for the Writing or the Reading assessments.  Sessions will run from 3.30pm to 4.30pm.  Interested students should speak to their English teacher to register. 

 After-school help is also available for students studying English ATAR or Literature ATAR, in Year 11 or Year 12.  These sessions will run on Wednesday afternoons, and some Thursdays and Fridays, throughout the year.   Once again, students who are interested must register with their English or Literature teacher, or contact the Head of English:

Mathematics Help for all years is scheduled every Wednesday from 3.30pm – 4.30pm. Students who will be required to complete the numeracy assessment for OLNA are advised to attend in the coming week.


Mater Dei College Cricket

Cricket1.3 Cricket2.3Cricket3.3

Mater Dei continued their good form with a comprehensive victory over Prendiville Catholic College.

Prendiville won the toss and put Mater Dei College in to bat. Mater Dei lost 2 early wickets. A partnership of 86 between Tristan Hobley (81 off 43) and Riley Holly (53* off 48) steadied the team through the middle overs. Matthew Richards (22* off 13) provided some strong hitting to finish the innings. At the completion of the 20 overs, Mater Dei had compiled a strong total of 3/172.

Prendiville got off to a strong start, however, some tight bowling through the middle overs restricted them to 5/116 off their 20 overs. The bowling from Mater Dei College was superb to restrict Prendiville to 116 without taking all 10 wickets. The bowling was once again led by Joshua Collins who completed his 4 over with the figures of 1/19.

The team has won the first two games of the season and comes up against Belridge 2nd XI this week looking for another win to secure a spot in the knockout finals.

Tristan Hobley



Careers Corner

UMAT 2017 info au 

Want to study Medicine/Dentistry?


If you are planning to study Medicine at UWA or Interstate many of the Unis require you to complete the UMAT. Have a look at the brochure. See me for more information.


Mrs Tara Hill  -  Careers and VET Co-ordinator



Merit Certificates

 good work badge clipart 479 304

Siena House


Danielle Collopy (Year 8) x 3 merit certificates



Student Success

Briggs Fletcher

Judo Championships - Fletcher Briggs

Fletcher Briggs in Year 7, is off to the National Judo Championships on the Gold Coast early next month. Fletcher is no stranger to this great honour as he has previously attended these championships three years in a row, taking out gold in his second year in Wollongong. Fletcher has also won the Junior State Judo Championship six times in a row. We wish Fletcher all the best in his endeavours to bring home gold.

 Escott Sean

Australian Baseball Representative- Sean Escott

Sean Escott in Year 7 has recently represented Australia in the Under 12s Baseball Tournament in Singapore. Sean will be competing in more Baseball Tournaments this year. Well done on your achievements Shaun, we look forward to hearing how you go in your prosperous future.


State Athletics Competition

Congratulations to the Mater Dei College students who competed in the State Athletics competition held on the weekend. They include Tahli Arbuckle, Tarrick Arbuckle, Rhiannon Clarke and Florrie Griffiths.



Book of the Week

Jasper Jones by Craig Silvey.

Now in cinemas!

Weekly Inspiration


Chalkboard Artist:  Mrs Tamara Boyer




With friends and jigsaws!



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