Dei to Dei

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Next Wednesday marks the commencement of Lent. Our College community will be having a distribution of ashes ceremony to mark this special time in the church’s liturgical calendar. Lent is a time of penance, reflection and fasting. It is often a time when we choose to ‘give up something for Lent’ as a sign of penance and many choose to use this time to devote time or money to a charitable cause. At school we will be strongly encouraging students to contribute generously to Project Compassion over the Lenten period. Reflection and prayer are also important during Lent, it is a time when many make an extra special effort to engage in religious practices or adopt a more significant prayer life than would normally be the case. The Catholic church in Australia these days only requires Catholics to abstain from meat products on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday, although we acknowledge that practices in other parts of the world may vary from this. In times past, Catholics would traditionally abstain from meat on every Friday in Lent and some families choose to maintain that tradition today. The notion of fasting also expects that Catholics other than small children, the elderly or sick will keep their food consumption on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday to two main meals.

Congratulations to all who participated well in last Friday’s house swimming carnival. Special thanks to those parents who acted in an official capacity, parents and others who came along as spectators, staff who supervised and officiated and our Phys Ed team lead by Mr Mark Golding for their great organisation of this event.

On Thursday of next week, our Year 11 students will engage in their Choicez seminar – I trust they will find this to be a very worthwhile experience. 

A reminder that next Friday is a pupil free day as staff undertake professional development in restorative practices. Dr Tim McDonald (Executive Director of Catholic Education in WA) will also be spending the afternoon session addressing our staff on student engagement. In the newsletter of 10th February I outlined why the number of pupil free days so close to the start of the year has become necessary.

Regards and God Bless,

John Aldous

Acting Principal