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Archbishop’s LifeLink Launch

On Tuesday 2, May, eight Mater Dei Students attended the Archbishop’s LifeLink Launch with two staff members, Mrs Tamara Boyer and Mrs Helena Martins.  Our students were fortunate enough to personally meet and talk with the Archbishop.

 “I have never taken fundraisers seriously, and this was applicable to LifeLink. However, after today I understand how important and necessary these charities are for the people who need support. I urge anyone reading this to try their hardest to donate at lease a gold coin to charities like LifeLink.”

Cain Scoby-Smith, Year 10 

“This was an inspiring opportunity which provided me with the chance to enquire about the hierarchy of the Church and gain valuable advice and knowledge from these local leaders of the Church. This allowed me to put religion into perspective at school and use these skills I gained to benefit myself, my studies and the community of the school.”

Rochelle Villemin, Year 10 

“I was inspired by the amount of schools involved from all over Western Australia, coming from way down south and inland. I can take away from the Life Link forum how many organizations the Catholic Church supports and visits throughout the year. This was a good example of the community of Western Australia getting together and solving issues such as poverty, mental disabilities and illnesses”.

Max Conti Nabali, Year 9

“The Archbishop’s Forum for Secondary Schools, held at Aranmore Catholic College, was a truly inspiring launch for LifeLink Day. The quote from St Mary McKillop ‘never see a need without doing something about it’ was emphasised during this gathering (with several other Catholic High Schools) which allowed me to reflect upon my own beliefs and values to make a difference within the community.” 

Caitlan Barnard, Year 9

“Hi my name is Eva Tucker, I was privileged to get the opportunity to meet the Archbishop Timothy Costelloe, Auxiliary Bishop Donald Sproxton and Dr Edward Simons at Aranmore College for a project called LifeLink. LifeLink day is a day to provide education and information of the work the LifeLink social service agencies, which help many thousands of Western Australians in need each year.  I was really inspired by a phrase that Archbishop Costelloe told us, the phrase was said by St Mary Mackillop (the first Saint of Australia), “never see a need without doing something about it”, this really stuck with me throughout the day.  Overall the LifeLink day was a really informative day and I came back to school knowing more about religion that I already did.”

Eva tucker, Year 8 

“At Aranmore a forum was held for the launch of LifeLink day. At the forum, I learnt that LifeLink helps people with disabilities around the Archdiocese and the community. I also learnt that there are many ways to fundraise for LifeLink.” 

Samuel Ferguson, Year 8



The LifeLink organisation was established by the Archdiocese of Perth in 1994 to provide for the ongoing financial and promotional support of agencies established or assisted by the Church.

The work of LifeLink is indeed a positive demonstration of:
Faith in Action.

Last year, LifeLink funded agencies reached out to help
over 34,000 Western Australian families & individuals in need,
delivering more than $54 million in caring services
and professional programmes throughout WA.

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July Athletics Holiday Clinic

We are once again running our very unique school holiday athletics program in July 2017. The only one of it's kind in WA!



Enrolments close Tuesday 27, June, 2017.

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We are fundraising for Kenyan Outreach Mission

Songa Mbele is our adopted Outreach Mission Project. This centre caters for slum children who have special educational needs and disabilities. Songa Mbele has approximately 50 students who have previously received their lessons in sea containers and tin sheds. Mater Dei College is sponsoring the development works of Songa, which is working to provide more appropriate services to children with physical and intellectual disabilities, including the building of bricks & mortar classrooms.


The Books are now available to collect from us! For those of you that have pre-ordered a digital membership they should now be ready for you to start using straight away.