Prayer For Knowledge and Strength
Give me O Lord, I pray
firm faith, unwavering hope
perfect charity.
Pour into my heart
the Spirit of wisdom and understanding
the Spirit of counsel and spiritual strength
the Spirit of knowledge and true godliness
and the Spirit of your love.
Light eternal, shine in my heart.
Power eternal, deliver me from all harm.
Wisdom eternal, scatter the darkness of my ignorance.
Might eternal, look gently upon me,
Grant that I may ever seek your face
with all my heart and soul and strength;
and, in your infinite mercy,
bring me at last to your holy presence
where I shall behold your glory
and possess the promised joys.

St. Alcuin of York (735-804)

Adapted by Fr John Daly


Yr 12 Macbook Software Removal

Year 12 students are reminded to bring their MacBook to the IT Department by Friday, 1 December for software removal. Please ensure you have backed up your MacBook as it will be restored to factory settings.

If you have any questions relating to this please e-mail the IT Helpdesk with the Subject Year 12 MacBook Exit Image.

Study Skills Handbook

Critical Thinking Skills

There are many things students can do to develop their own critical thinking skills. Critical thinking is your ability to think clearly and rationally, reflecting and developing your thoughts. Sometimes we can get a bit lazy with our thinking and we only consider things at a superficial level. Here are some things you can do to enhance your critical thinking.

  1. CLARIFY YOUR THOUGHTS: The best way to clarify your thoughts is to try and explain your thinking to someone else. Even if you are talking to an imaginary person, you will find that explaining your thinking out loud helps you to see the flaws in your argument.
  2. QUESTION ASSUMPTIONS: Don’t take your thoughts for granted, every now and then think about why you believe a certain thought or how you know things to be true. Get in the habit of pausing and looking at what you are thinking and questioning what thoughts underlie your assumptions. Don’t just conform and accept a view because it is the popular one, instead pause and reflect on the arguments for and against that viewpoint and the strengths of each argument.
  3. LOOK FOR OTHER PERSPECTIVES: When you are presenting an argument, imagine yourself in a debate and think about what the opposing side might say. What would someone with a completely opposite view to you believe? Can you understand why they might think that way? Can you see some validity in their viewpoint?
  4. KEEP AN OPEN MIND: In order to look for other perspectives keep an open mind. If you immediately dismiss any thought that does not fit into the way you see the world, you will never be able to expand and develop your viewpoints, you will have a very fixed and limited view of the world.
  5. BE CURIOUS: Start to look outside the things you normally read and watch and think about. Learn more about things you know nothing about and were not previously interested in. Listen more to what people say, we learn so much more when we really listen rather than spend time planning what we will say next.
  6. MAKE INFORMED JUDGEMENTS: It is ok to not have an opinion about something because you don’t have enough information yet. Avoid rushing to judgements, take your time to gather information and evidence and assess it before making a decision. Try not to let yourself be swayed by emotion as this can affect your ability to assess information intellectually.

You and your parents can learn more about thinking skills at by logging in with the details below and working through some of the units.

Username: formaterdeionly

Password: 122results

Year 9 & 10 Space Camp Information Evening

Screen Shot 2017 10 11 at 10.26.37 am

Families interested in finding out more about the Mater Dei College Space Camp and STEM Tour 2018, are invited to attend an Information Evening to be held at the College. The details are as follows: 

Date:                     Wednesday 18th October

Time:                     6:30pm – 7.30pm

Location:              Catherine Breakout Area above the Treetop Café 

This Information Evening is designed to outline all aspects of the tour, hosted by a representative from EDU School Tours. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask questions and find out more specific information about the tour.

Year 7 Science

To finish our Physics topic, one of our Year 7 classes had the opportunity to put what they had learned about forces into practice by building a protective structure to hold a raw egg. The class was divided into groups for the project and students had to ensure their structure would prevent the raw egg from cracking when dropped from a height.


Groups could select any design they wanted but their materials were limited to only straws and tape. Once complete, their structure was tested by placing an egg inside and dropping it from a medium and then a significant height.

Unfortunately, none of the eggs survived the final drop, but the class seemed to enjoy watching the eggs splatter!

Ms Aoife O'Shea

Teacher of Science


Student Achievement 

Heather Bongiovanni

From the 14th of September until the 7th of October, Heather Bongiovanni (Year 10) embarked on the 2017 USA Tour with the Australian Girls Choir. The 3-week trip involved 61 girls from Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide who visited San Francisco, Phoenix, Flagstaff, Palm Springs and Los Angeles. The touring choristers performed on a daily basis in public spaces and also for schools they workshopped with. Heather described some of her highlights being all the new friends she made, the Golden Gate Bridge, the Grand Canyon, Universal Studios, Hollywood Boulevard and the opportunity of being the Tour Leader. 

Well done, Heather! 


Eden Ridal

Congratulations to Eden Ridal (Year 10) who is recently back from the Sydney Synchro Fest. Eden, along with her team, placed 2nd overall with a very close score to Majestic who placed first.  

Congratulations, Eden!


Ebony Cleland

Ebony Cleland (Year 11) has recently finished a successful week of work experience with the ABC. Here is a link to the story she wrote, which was published on our national website and received a huge response from our audience.,-member-says/9003010


Taneesha Baker

Taneesha Baker (Year 9) is heading to Las Vegas in February next year to play in a soccer tournament where talent scouts will be watching all the teams play.

Good luck, Taneesha!

Screen Shot 2017 10 13 at 10.31.09 am

Elaina O’Connor

Elaina O’Connor (year 12) performed both the Irish & Australian National Anthems for the Irish President, Dr Michael Higgins at an Honorary Awards Ceremony at UWA last Tuesday. 

Dr Higgins was presented with an Honorary Degree of "Doctor of Law" from The University of Western Australia for his continued work in campaigning for Human Rights, Peace & Democracy in Ireland and many other parts of the world from Nicaragua to Chile, Cambodia, Iraq & Somalia.


Elaina sang both Anthems beautifully (Irish Anthem performed in Gaelic) & received many compliments after the ceremony. Elaina was also fortunate enough to meet the President & his wife & have a photo with them after the Ceremony.

Elaina also performed the National Anthem at the "Perth Wildcats" season opening game last Saturday, which was received extremely well from a record-breaking crowd. 

Congratulations, Elaina!


LJ now has his very own Instagram page. You can follow LJ on his adventures if you search: lj_wellbeing_dog

Screen Shot 2017 10 13 at 11.41.44 am


Weekly Inspiration 


Chalkboard Artist Ms Roberts. 



Collaborative work on Harry Potter jigsaw puzzle.

Wooden puzzles.

Stay tuned for some team activities coming up in Weeks 3, 5 & 7!

Audio and eBooks

Screen Shot 2017 10 13 at 10.50.00 am

Audio and eBooks are now available through Wheelers ePlatform. Login, using your usual school login at

Or get the app

Any queries to me in the Library, email or phone.

Mrs Janine Boyle

Library Coordinator



ConocoPhillips Science Experience at UWA – ‪16 to 18 January 2018

We are inviting all Year 9 and 10 students who have a passion for science, technology, engineering and maths to the ConocoPhillips Science Experience at the University of Western Australia in January 2018. UWA’s Science Experience program offers high-school students the chance to be immersed in our world-class scientific research, and to discover what it’s like to be a university student preparing for the rich variety of careers in science or engineering.

Date: 16, 17 and ‪18 January 2018 
Time: ‪9am – 4pm daily (tentative) 
Location: The University of Western Australia, Perth Campus 
Audience: Year 9 and 10 students (entering Years 10 and 11 in 2018) 
Cost: $150 per student (including GST)

Screen Shot 2017 10 13 at 12.09.57 pm

131 UWA and Live Chat now available!

We are excited to announce our Live Chat is now active ‪from 2:30 – 4:30pm Monday to Friday. Simply visit one of the links below to chat to one of our friendly Future Students team members.

 140x70 arts

Bachelor of Arts

 140x70 bio

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

 140x70 commerce

Bachelor of Commerce

 140x70 philosophy

Bachelor of Philosophy

 140x70 science

Bachelor of Science

If students would like to speak to the Future Students team, they can call 131 UWA (131 892) or visit us on campus at the Future Students Centre.

 Enrol1310 am

Year 7 2020 Enrolments – if you have not enrolled siblings for year 7, 2020 please contact the Enrolments Officer. Interviews for Year 7 2020 will start in March 2018.

For further enquiries please phone our Enrolments Officer, Ang Lourens on 9405 4777 or email:


Term 4: Week 2 -10

Monday 8.00am -11.30am

Thursday 12.30pm - 4.00pm

(During school term only)

In addition to visiting the Mater Dei College Uniform Shop and placing your uniform order in person, Matrix Uniforms (supplier of Mater Dei College Uniforms) now offers the convenience of online ordering. 

Matrix Uniforms Contact: 0435 751 963 

Please note this phone is only operated during school uniform shop hours. If we are unavailable, please leave a message and we will call you back. 

For urgent queries over the school holidays please email

Purchases can now be paid with Cash, Eftpos or Credit card. Student Card will no longer be accepted in the Uniform Shop.

 Treetop Café Blog

The summer menu can be found on the school website and will be sent out via email each day, so have a look and check out the new items. The new Keri Fruit blends have arrived and are very tasty!! 

CHILL J 100% natural squeezed fruit juices, Rippin’ Raspberry, Groovy Grape, Chillin’ Cola and Blastin’ Blackcurrant are still only $2.00.  To beat the heat on those hot days, grab a $2.00 slushie; we try out new flavours all the time.


NEW PROVITAL fruit cups Two Fruits, Fruit Salad and Peaches.

Breakfast is on from 7am each day, you can enjoy omelettes, egg and bacon muffins, freshly baked banana bread, French toast, thick CAFÉ raisin toast or a berry, yoghurt muesli cup. Real cocoa hot chocolate is also available and ONLY $2.00 a cup or try the COMBO toast and hot chocolate for $2.50.  Can’t beat that for value! 

The espresso machine is performing well, serving all your favourite coffees, from cappuccinos, flat whites, chai latte to long macs or even try a DIRTY CHAI, with a choice of hazelnut, caramel or vanilla syrups.  Coffee is only available to senior students (Years 10, 11 and 12), so come down and check it out. 

For lunch, there is a different hot food choice each day including: ciabattas, focaccias, paninis, a daily specialty salad, along with vegetarian and gluten free options and of course the old favourites.

Please come and talk to us and let us know what you would like us to supply. You never know if you don’t ask, and it may be a simple thing to do.


Chef Andrew