With tender compassion and transforming power you come among us, O God,
making us members of your household,
“built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets
with Christ Jesus himself as the cornerstone.”

Strengthen us in faith;
expand our vision and fill us with the hope of your Spirit that together we may build up your dwelling place, ourselves becoming its “living stones.“

Let the house which rises be a “living witness, that all people may be lifted up
by the hope of a world made new.”

We ask this through our Lord Jesus Christ, your Son, who lives and reigns with you
in the unity of the Holy Spirit,
God forever and ever.

Awards Night

As per the College calendar, the 2017, Mater Dei College Awards Night will take place on Wednesday, 29 November from 7pm. To reserve your seats, please RSVP here.


Results from the September round of OLNA have now been released to students and parents. After-school OLNA support sessions will take place throughout this term to assist students preparing for the next round in March 2018. These sessions are strongly recommended for students in Years 10 and 11 who are still required to pass one or more OLNA assessment areas.

Literacy Support (Reading and Writing)

Wednesdays 3.30pm to 4.30pm in MCC13-18 (Report to English Office)

Thursdays 3.30pm to 4.30pm in MCC13-18 (Report to English Office)

Other times may be negotiated directly between individual students and their English teacher. For further queries please contact Head of English, John Crooks: john.crooks@mdc.wa.edu.au

Numeracy Support

Wednesdays 3.30pm to 4.30pm in MCC7

Other times may be negotiated directly between individual students and their Mathematics teacher. For further queries please contact Head of Mathematics, Peter Roberts: peter.roberts@mdc.wa.edu.au

For all other OLNA queries please contact Mrs Tamara Boyer, Deputy Principal Teaching and Learning: tamara.boyer@mdc.wa.edu.au

Year 12 Macbook Software Removal

Year 12 students are reminded to bring their MacBook to the IT Department by Friday, 1 December for software removal. Please ensure you have backed up your MacBook as it will be restored to factory settings.

If you have any questions relating to this please e-mail the IT Helpdesk it@mdc.wa.edu.au with the Subject Year 12 MacBook Exit Image.

Worldskills Competition

On the 26th of October three year 11 students entered the WorldSkills competition. This competition is a Worldwide skills based competition, including skills such as cooking, bricklaying, hairdressing, floristry and woodwork just to name a few. Haydn Lawson, Shinah Fife and Vivian Ataya all competed in the VETiS Commercial Cookery section. This required them to cook two serves each of a three course meal for the judges. The competition this year was held at the North Metro TAFE Joondalup, in their commercial kitchens. All three students had to meet Commercial Cookery standards and had a detailed judging criteria to meet. The students were judged not only on their cooking techniques, taste and plating but on their energy usage, recycling and innovation. The students were competing for a Gold, Silver or Bronze medal and the chance to compete at Nationals next year in Sydney. The Regional awards ceremony will be held on the 21st of November. I am very proud of all three students for their hard work and outstanding achievements on the day. Congratulations to you all.

Ms Peta Brown

Screen Shot 2017 11 09 at 11.56.07 am copy

2017 PALS AWARD: Student Engagement and Community Participation

2017 has been another busy year for our PALS projects. PALS, (Partnership, Acceptance, Learning, Sharing) is run through the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage. They provide grant money to run and foster Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture within Western Australian schools. This year Mater Dei College was lucky enough to win the category, Student Engagement and Community Participation. The projects involved 2500 cookies created by Ms Brown and her Hospitality students which were infused with Indigenous ingredients and packaged into 600 boxes. A large mural of Eddie Mabo, an animation of Eddie Mabo’s life and participation in the City to Surf Fun Run under the umbrella of Run4Reconciliation. Selected students and staff will attend the 2017 PALS award ceremony in the state library. They will be presented the award by the Hon Ben Wyatt MLA, Minister for Aboriginal Affairs. A special thank you to Mrs Bradley for her continued support in this area.

Congratulations to all involved. 

Screen Shot 2017 11 09 at 11.58.40 am

2017 Results for ICAS Spelling, ICAS Writing, and ICAS English

Students from Mater Dei College participated in various competitions associated with the English Learning Area throughout 2017.  Year 7 students participated in the ICAS Spelling Competition, and students from Years 7,8,9 and 10 competed in the ICAS Writing and the ICAS English competitions.  The competitions are run by UNSW Global, and involve students from a number of countries in the region. We achieved some excellent results, with nine students attaining a Distinction.  Thank you to all participants, and congratulations to all of those who received awards. 



ICAS Spelling

Year 7

 Credit – Ethan Bennett-Bremner

 Merit – Harrison Cole

ICAS Writing

Year 7

Distinction – Ella McPhail

Credit – Layla Albonico

Merit – Catia Fernandes; Pascal Stuart.

Year 8

Distinction – Faye Doherty, Emily Ekers, Zayan Hansrod, Joel Matta, Ethan Turkovic.

Credit – Courtney Atkins, Mia Biglane, Summer Bradley, Max Cannon, Stella Corboy, Ashlee Harwood, Ava Martin, Katelyn Matthews, Chloe Pibworth, Tayla Ray, Taylar Roccheccioli, Harman Singh, Connor Smith.

Merit – Eliza Bennett, Koby Clarke, Danielle Collopy, Kaelan Majekodunmi, Abigail Pedley, Jade Safy.

Year 9

Distinction – Caitlin Barnard

Credit – Skyla Wolken, Georgia Middleton, Jordan Moscarda

Merit – Stephanie Ambrosini, Paris Endersby, Athena Route, Jacob Sheppard, Erin Maitland.

Year 10

Credit – Haylee Hobbs, Selam Kumlachew, Aiysha Wigley

Merit – Olivia Strong, Thomas Webster

ICAS English

Year 7

Credit – Layla Albonico, Ethan Bennett-Bremner, Michael Loftus, Pascal Stuart.

Year 8

Distinction – Maya McKinnon

Credit – Koby Clarke, Stella Corboy, Zayan Hansrod, Abigail Pedley, Taylar Roccheccioli.

 Merit – Eliza Bennett, Bree Dunjey, Emily Ekers, Ashlee Harwood, Keenan McMahon

Year 9

Credit - Caitlin Barnard, Elizabeth Devlin, Joshua Li, Euan McLoughlin, Athena Route, Sklyla Wolken.

Merit – Kurt Andersen, Tahli Arbuckle, Isabella Brozek, Isaac Demarte, Jordan Moscarda.

Year 10

Distinction – Olivia Strong

Credit – Keeley Bennett, Lucy Branch, Josh Hobley, Andrea Keyer, Yasmine Rock

Merit – Meghan Daly, Nicholas Dykstra, Ciara Fegredo, Faith McKay.

Student Achievement

Caitlin Easton

Caitlin Easton (Year 12) was selected, as one of five finalists, from 40 entries, in the solo drama category to perform at the grand final of the Youth On Health competition at the  Mandurah Performing Arts Centre on Friday 27th November. 

Caitlin was awarded the first prize, sharing the title with another student. This is the first ‘tie’ the competition has had in the 20 years it has been operating.

Caitlin gave an outstanding performance of “Give it up for Eveleen Blythe” a stand-up comedy routine that jokes about a very serious topics. Claudia Siciliano accompanied Caitlin and was judged highly on her introduction of the performance, which contributed toward Caitlin’s success.

We are very proud of the success Caitlin has achieved, it is testimony to her talent and commitment to performance.

cid 676

Merit Certificates

Merit CertificateNov10png

Benedict House

Daniel Fazari (Yr. 9) x1 merit certificate

Salvado House

Kai Jacobs (Yr. 8) x1 merit certificate

Congratulations to the following Year 11 students who are recipients of Merit Certificates for Outstanding Attitude and Effort.

 Sophia Amonini Merit Certificate - Certificate III in Visual Arts
 Tarik Arbuckle Merit Certificate - Physical Education Studies ATAR
 Tegan Banks Merit Certificate - Human Biology ATAR
 Tegan Banks Merit Certificate - Modern History ATAR
 Keegan Barnard Merit Certificate - English ATAR
 Keegan Barnard Merit Certificate - Religion & Life ATAR
 Keegan Barnard Merit Certificate - Mathematics Applications ATAR
Gabby Bassanelli Merit Certificate - Physical Education Studies ATAR
Gabby Bassanelli Merit Certificate - Biology ATAR
 Matthew Chong Merit Certificate - Certificate II in Visual Arts - Digital Graphics
 Alyssa Clark Merit Certificate - English ATAR
 Madeleine Clarke Merit Certificate - Literature ATAR
 Ebony Cleland Merit Certificate - Chemistry ATAR
 Sharni Cresswell Merit Certificate - Indonesian: Second Language ATAR
 Sharni Cresswell Merit Certificate - English ATAR
 Bevan Deasy Merit Certificate - Mathematics Methods ATAR
 Alicia DeLorenzo Merit Certificate - English ATAR
 Alicia DeLorenzo Merit Certificate - Mathematics Methods ATAR
 Claudia Desveaux Merit Certificate - Religion & Life ATAR
 Guy Di Domenico Merit Certificate - Certificate II in Business
 Shinah Fife Merit Certificate - English General
 Shinah Fife Merit Certificate - Certificate II in Hospitality
 Molly Fletcher Merit Certificate - Children, Family & the Community General
 Eva Gauntlett Merit Certificate - Geography ATAR
 Eva Gauntlett Merit Certificate - Children, Family & the Community ATAR
 William Gordon Merit Certificate - Drama ATAR
 William Gordon Merit Certificate - Materials Design and Technology General
 Thomas Grady Merit Certificate - English ATAR
 Thomas Grady Merit Certificate - Japanese: Second Language ATAR
 Kiara Griffiths Merit Certificate - Religion & Life General
 Dana Grubisa Merit Certificate - Design - Photography General
 Dana Grubisa Merit Certificate - English General
 Lachlan Heeley Merit Certificate - Certificate II in Information, Digital Media & Technology
 Ally Holman Merit Certificate - Religion & Life General
 Niamh Jelley Merit Certificate - Mathematics Applications ATAR
 Niamh Jelley Merit Certificate - Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation
 Doreen Kujji Merit Certificate - English General
 Jessica Langdon Merit Certificate - Human Biology ATAR
 Ella McKinnon Merit Certificate - Religion & Life General
 James Munro-Clinton Merit Certificate - Materials Design and Technology General
 Breeanna Paice Merit Certificate - Mathematics Applications ATAR
 Breeanna Paice Merit Certificate - Accounting and Finance ATAR
 Alan Pryce Merit Certificate - Mathematics Essentials General
 Alan Pryce Merit Certificate - Certificate II in Hospitality
 Alan Pryce Merit Certificate - Outdoor Education ATAR
 Jessica Ravi Merit Certificate - Mathematics Essentials General
 Cameron Rowsell Merit Certificate - Certificate II in Visual Arts - Furniture
 Jacob Ryland Merit Certificate - Design - Technical Graphics ATAR
 Eloise Sampson Merit Certificate - Visual Arts ATAR
 Valeria Shaykhislamova Merit Certificate - Economics ATAR
 Ethan Smith Merit Certificate - Religion & Life General
 Luther Tamin Merit Certificate - Human Biology General
 Bridie Timmons Merit Certificate - Mathematics Essentials General
 Trinity Westlake Merit Certificate - Media Production & Analysis ATAR
 Layne Wilson Merit Certificate - Certificate II in Sport & Recreation 



Murdoch Year 12 Horizons Summer School – A new three week university experience designed especially for students transitioning between Years 11 and 12 to complete a university-level subject at Murdoch while you’re still at school.

ConocoPhillips Science Experience - This science camp from the 11-14th December 2017 is an opportunity for Year 9 and 10 students to explore the vast array of science courses and experiences available at university, through four days of engaging and interactive sessions, workshops, lectures and games.

Notre Dame Cultural DeCoding Program 

Monday 22-Wednesday 24 January, 2018. We would like to invite your current Year 10 and 11 students to be part of this wonderful experience.

Academic staff from the Schools of Philosophy and Theology, Arts and Sciences, Law and the Library will be presenting the students with intellectual and spiritual material that will challenge their gifts through archaeology, local history, iconography, philosophy, art history, theology, legal history, politics, theatre and a library treasure hunt using old and new technology. They will pursue philosophical notions that ask questions such as “What kind of society constructs a prison as their first official building?” They will de-code who we are today through exploring ideas and life detail from our history. They will engage in interfaith dialogue with an expert panel.


The Department of Education and Training (DET) has produced the Beyond School study guide  - the Guide is a digital resource for Year 10-12 students providing information about Australian Government assistance so they are able to make informed choices about their future studies. There are nine resources included:

o   Three tertiary education explainer infographics:

a.       Higher education or VET? – Provides information about each sector so that students can understand what type/level of qualification they may need to get to the career they want.

b.       Pathways to university – Provides examples of ways that students can access higher education (e.g. bridging course; VET/sub-bachelor studies; ATAR; principal recommendation scheme) and points them to apply for uni via their relevant TAC.

c.       Choose your own higher education adventure – A flow chart for higher education students to select options that apply to them and find which HELP loan is most suitable for their study choices.

o   One HELP loan comparison ‘cheat sheet’ – a table to compare each different loan and provide information about when a student might access each one.

o   Five fact sheets – one for each of the four HELP loan schemes (HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP, OS-HELP, SA-HELP) and one for the VET Student Loans program, that provide basic information about each.

You can access the guide here: Beyond school study guide


Year 7 2020 Enrolments –if you have not enrolled siblings for Year 7, 2020 please contact the Enrolments Officer. Interviews for Year 7 2020 will start in March 2018 

For further enquiries please phone our Enrolments Officer, Ang Lourens on 9405 4777 or email: enrolments@mdc.wa.edu.au


Term 4: Week 2 -10

Monday 8.00am -11.30am

Thursday 12.30pm - 4.00pm

(During school term only)


In addition to visiting the Mater Dei College Uniform Shop and placing your uniform order in person, Matrix Uniforms (supplier of Mater Dei College Uniforms) now offers the convenience of online ordering.


Matrix Uniforms Contact: 0435 751 963 

Please note this phone is only operated during school uniform shop hours. If we are unavailable, please leave a message and we will call you back. 

For urgent queries over the school holidays please email sales@matrixuniforms.com.au

Purchases can now be paid with Cash, Eftpos or Credit card. Student Card will no longer be accepted in the Uniform Shop.

Treetop Café Blog

The summer menu can be found on the school website and will be sent out via email each day, so have a look and check out the new items. The new Keri Fruit blends have arrived and are very tasty!! 

CHILL J 100% natural squeezed fruit juices, Rippin’ Raspberry, Groovy Grape, Chillin’ Cola and Blastin’ Blackcurrant are still only $2.00.  To beat the heat on those hot days, grab a $2.00 slushie; we try out new flavours all the time.


NEW: PROVITAL fruit cups Two Fruits, Fruit Salad and Peaches.

Breakfast is on from 7am each day, you can enjoy omelettes, egg and bacon muffins, freshly baked banana bread, French toast, thick cafe raisin toast or a berry, yoghurt muesli cup. Real cocoa hot chocolate is also available and ONLY $2.00 a cup or try the COMBO toast and hot chocolate for $2.50 can’t beat that for value! 

The espresso machine is performing well, serving all your favourite coffees, from cappuccinos, flat whites, chai latte to long macs or even try a DIRTY CHAI, with a choice of hazelnut, caramel or vanilla syrups.  Coffee is only available to senior students (Years 10, 11 and 12), so come down and check it out. 

For lunch, there is a different hot food choice each day including: ciabattas, focaccias, paninis, a daily specialty salad, along with vegetarian and gluten free options and of course the old favourites.

Please come and talk to us and let us know what you would like us to supply, you never know if you don’t ask, and it may be a simple thing to do.


Chef Andrew