2018 Scholarship Applications open August 9

Mater Dei College offers several Scholarships for students entering Year 7.

All scholarships provide full tuition for three years, 7-9. Registration for applications will be open on August 9, 2017.

The Scholarships are available for the following areas:


*Please note there will be a $90.00 registration fee on the ACER website

 Any further information can be obtained by contacting our Enrolment Officer on 9405 4777 or

School Reference Form

Ballaruk Education Scholarship Programme

Mater Dei College welcomes applications from Aboriginal Students committed to achieving a personal best, and who are studying at either Primary or Secondary level. Scholarships are costed to meet the College Tuition Fees. As the first year at the College is the most expensive, the uniform, essential textbook and levy provision will apply for students new to the College. This does not include various subject charges.

Each Bursary will be awarded for one year only, with renewal being dependent upon an annual review of positive involvement in the College community and a proactive attitude to learning.

Each awarded Bursary will include the following:
▪ Bursary in the first year (Year 7) will include tuition fees and levies, uniforms, laptop and textbooks
▪ Bursary in the first year (Year 8 – 12) will include tuition fees and levies (excluding CareerLink, Outdoor Ed Levy of $650), uniform, laptop and textbooks
▪ Bursary in the second year and beyond for all year levels will include tuition fees and laptop only. The College levies, uniforms and subject levies not will be included.
When families have a Health Care Card, the Catholic Education Commission of W.A. makes a contribution to the cost of educating each child.
This would form part of the total Scholarship.

Balluruk Bursary Eligibility/Selection Criteria

Bursaries are open to persons who are of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Island descent and who:

  • are students enrolled in either High School or Primary School in Western Australia
  • are residents of Western Australia at the time of receiving the Scholarship
  • will be supportive of the College Ethos.


*While primarily directed at students living in the northern coastal suburbs of Perth, consideration will be given to students from other regions if they are able to find board or live locally during the school term.


2018 Application forms and further information can be obtained here or by contacting our Enrolments Officer on 9405 4777 or email:

School Reference Form