Health Education – 9HE

Course Description:

In this course, Year 9 students will identify and apply relevant criteria to determine the reliability of online health information. They will evaluate a range of characteristics of respectful relationships, such as showing respect for self and others, personal differences and opinions. They will describe and apply appropriate skills and strategies to resolve and manage conflict within different environments.

Topics include:

  • Staying Active
  • Relationships
  • Risk-Taking Behaviours
  • Mental Health 

General Physical Education - 9PE

Course Description:

Students will select and use individual movement skills and sequences that increase in complexity and perform them with increased speed, control and improved accuracy. They will implement tactics and adapt them in response to performance. In competitive contexts students will learn to participate ethically and demonstrate ways to build motivation and encourage team work. Over the course of Years 7-10 students will cover a broad range of sports developing fundamental movement skills, in a variety of contexts.