In Year 10, Dance students continue to extend their use of the elements of dance (BEST) and choreographic processes to expand their choreographic intentions in their choreography. They extend their technical dance skills to include style-specific movement skills.

Through performance, students continue to work on confidence, accuracy, clarity of movement and projection. They refine their discussion of the use of the elements of dance, choreographic processes and design concepts in their own dance and the dance of others. They investigate dance and influences of the social, cultural and historical contexts in which it exists.
Genres studied include elements from Contemporary, Jazz and Musical Theatre


The Year 10 Drama course is a rigorous and challenging course that builds on the skills and techniques taught in Year 9 Drama and offers a springboard for preparing students for the ATAR Drama course in Years 11 and 12.
This course extends the voice and movement techniques studied in Year 9 Drama and through the use of improvisation and analysis students are given the opportunity to explore existing play scripts as well as devise their own performances. Students will also extend their knowledge of theatre history, drama practitioners and stagecraft.
Prerequisite: Year 9 Drama C grade or higher or if Year 9 Drama was not studied, entry is upon audition/interview with the Drama Coordinator.
This course leads to: Year 11 ATAR Drama.


Year 10 Music continues a student’s development of the four pillars of knowledge /skills essential for a well-rounded musician: Aural Skills, Composition, Cultural and Historical Analysis, and Performance. Areas of study include brass and woodwind instruments, Rock Music from the 1980’s onward, and the origins and development of Jazz as an art form, and the close connections between Rock Music and Jazz.
By the end of this course, students ought to have achieved the minimum equivalent of Grade 2 AMEB Theory.'
Prerequisites: A ‘B’ grade in Year 9 Music, previous or ongoing instrumental tuition
• Year 11 ATAR Music (requiring minimum AMEB Grade 4 Performance or equivalent); or
• Music General (requiring minimum AMEB Grade 2 Performance or equivalent)