Health Education – 10HE

Course Description:

In this course, Year 10 students will explore the impact of social and cultural influences on personal identity, health, safety and wellbeing, including stereotypes and gender, diversity and cultural differences. They will analyse media messages about health and propose and evaluate interventions to improve individual and community health and wellbeing. Students will also complete the Keys for Life Driver Education Program.

Topics include:

  • Respecting Diversity
  • Stress Management
  • Party Safe
  • Keys for Life Driver Education Program 

General Physical Education - 10PE

Course Description:

Students will select, use and evaluate individual movement skills and sequences and implement tactics in a variety of the physical activity contexts. They will apply appropriate technique while performing skills that increase in complexity. Students will also develop ethical behaviour in competitive contexts and apply skills and strategies to improve team performance. Over the course of Years 7-10 students will cover a broad range of sports developing fundamental movement skills, in a variety of contexts.