9th February 2018


Newsletter 09.02.18


Dear Parents, Guardians, Students and Staff of Mater Dei College

I welcome all families and members of the Mater Dei College community to the 2018 academic year and our 25th anniversary for the College.

On Wednesday 31, January we welcomed the new Year 7 students and a number of new students from Year 8- 10 into our community. We also welcomed the following new staff:

  • Mr Paul Watson: Vice Principal
  • Ms Nadia Tatonetti: Head of Humanities
  • Mr Matthew Kameron: Head of Mathematics
  • Mr Steve Marshall: Drama Teacher
  • Mr Chris Longshaw: Art Teacher

Whilst I have mentioned our new staff, I also want to make mention of the staff changes to key roles in our College this year:

  • Dr Wayne Keady: Acting Head of Religious Education
  • Mrs Wendy Martin: Acting Head of Health & Physical Education Semester 1
  • Ms Aoife O’Shea: Acting Head of Science
  • Mrs Lucy Lane: Year 7 Coordinator
  • Ms Annalis Harbin: House Advisor Benedict Semester 1
  • Mr Denis Radacic: House Advisor Mercy
  • Mr Vince Basile: Coordinator of Performing Arts and Music Director
  • Mr Toby Hurd: Coordinator of Visual Arts

Whilst much of the College community were enjoying holiday festivities, our College Grounds and Maintenance Department under the guidance of Business Manager Ms Kerry Davidson, were busy refurbishing the College in time for the staff and students to return. Over the holidays the College has commenced a painting project with many doors and walkways painted and a number of classrooms have new desks to start the year.

The College ICT Team were also very busy with the migration of the College network to the Catholic Education WA platform. This migration unfortunately has not been as smooth as hoped and we have endured interruptions to IT services. My thanks to the ICT team for their work in trying to resolve the issues and to the students and families for your patience during this time.

On Thursday at the College Assembly, we had an opportunity to acknowledge the academic achievements of some of the students in 2017. Congratulations to the students who achieved very sound results. In addition we presented 36 students with Academic Honours badges for achieving Academic Honours in Semester One and Semester Two last year. It is wonderful to start the year acknowledging the efforts of our students. Please refer to the article on Year 12 WACE Achievements from Mrs Tamara Boyer, Deputy Principal and the article on Academic Honours from Mr John Sullivan, Deputy Principal for further details.

At the first assembly for the year I reminded all students to strive for personal excellence. The students have been informed of a new Homework Policy and amendments to the Assessment Policy. This year we have also reintroduced the College Planner at the request of students last year. Students have a greater chance of reaching their potential when the home and school work together in a partnership. I urge parents to please encourage the use of this planner to help organise homework and study.

The Year 12 Ball held on Saturday 3, February was a lovely way to commence the school year. Thank you to Mr Green and the Year 11 students for organising the traditional Mater Dei Pre-Ball function in the Bernie Boss Hall. There was a great buzz amongst the families and friends who attended. Thank you to Mrs Davina Croasdale and staff who attended the official Year 12 Ball at the Pan Pacific Hotel. An enjoyable night was had by all.

The Year 7 Parent Information Evening had a relaxed start this year with an informal BBQ hosted by the Parents and Friends Committee. Thank you to the many families who attended and the P&F Committee for their hospitality.

The College AGM is scheduled for Tuesday 27, February at 7pm in the Catherine Centre. I encourage parents to attend. Please refer to the information in this newsletter.

Parents are welcome to attend our Opening College Mass on Thursday 15 February at 8.50am in the Bernie Boss Hall. This is a lovely way to start the school year as we join together in praying for the Lord’s blessing for the school year. The official 25th anniversary celebration Mass is scheduled for the College Foundation Day on Friday 23, March. This Mass will be celebrated by the Most Reverend Timothy Costelloe, Archbishop of Perth.

The afternoon congestion can be quite severe outside most schools. A reminder to all families to please adhere to the designated drop off and pickup areas and to exercise patience and courtesy. I ask parents to please refrain from parking in the main driveway and also on the road along Treetop Avenue. Cars in the left hand lane are asked to use the carparks outside the main administration building or to park along the drive through outside the main administration and leave the College via Pioneer Drive. An alternative is to collect your child a few minutes later at 3.30pm. I look forward to your support in keeping our students safe.

AnnetteAs we commence the year, I strongly encourage parents to contact the College if issues or concerns arise throughout the year. I look forward to working in partnership with families at the College and I welcome parents speaking with me in person rather than posting on social media.

Best wishes for a successful year ahead and I look forward to meeting many families throughout the year.

God Bless

Annette Morey



There is no denying that technology is a massive part of our student’s world today. The statistics are staggering. This is what happens in an Internet minute:

Internet Minute

Technology offers all us wonderful opportunities and when used correctly the possibilities are almost unimaginable. However, when used incorrectly it can have dire consequences. The effects of inappropriate online behaviour is of great concern for parents, teachers and students, as we all seek to protect the well - being of children, ourselves and the entire Mater Dei College community. The College’s Responsible Use of Technology Policy is very clear in its expectations of appropriate use and I want to stress this is non-negotiable. We expect that all members of the school community demonstrate the values we hold so dear to us as members of a Catholic school, not only through our face to face interactions with others but also when online.

Paul Watson 2

Social Media is not about technology, it is about relationships. Students crave a sense of belonging through these forums, however, they also place themselves at risk from cyber bulling and leaving a digital footprint of their own behaviour that will follow them for the rest of their lives. If students are being treated badly online we strongly encourage them to seek support immediately either from within their family and/or school. It is often very difficult to stop but not impossible and people must be held accountable for any behaviour that has a negative effect on others and themselves. As parents, teachers and students we all have a role to play in doing our best to eradicate any form of inappropriate online behaviour.

If you wish to learn more about a variety of strategies to enhance the support of protecting our children when online, The Office of the E-Safety Commissioner (https://www.esafety.gov.au/ ) and Ysafe (http://www.ysafe.com.au/ ) are just two  websites that offer a variety of strategies and resources that can greatly assist in monitoring and protecting student online behaviour.

Paul Watson

Vice Principal

WACE Website

2017 Year 12 WACE Achievements

Congratulations to the following Year 12 students from the graduating class of 2017 for their WACE achievements. Last Thursday these students attended our first whole school assembly for the year where we were able to celebrate their successes in front of the College community. Seven students achieved an ATAR of 90 and above, 16 students received either a SCSA Certificate of Distinction or Certificate of Merit for the points which they accumulated over their studies in Years 11 and 12, and several students were the recipients of university scholarships. Please note that as the universities have not officially notified us of all scholarship winners, students whose names are not mentioned below will be published in the next newsletter.


The 90s Club

  • Tenille Reidy-Crofts – Our highest achieving student with an ATAR of 97.40. Tenille was also the recipient of a Certificate of Distinction and is now enrolled in the Bachelor of Biomedical Science course at UWA.
  • Ben Brummage – 95.40. Ben was also the recipient of a Certificate of Merit as well as the ECU Engineering Excellence Scholarship to the value of $20,000. He has accepted a place in the Bachelor of Engineering course.
  • Muskan Sharma – 94.85. Muskan is enrolled to study Speech Pathology at ECU.
  • Jason Hemetsberger – 92.55. Jason was also the recipient of a Certificate of Merit and is enrolled to study Engineering and Physics at UWA.
  • Tristan Hobley – 91.40. Tristan was also the recipient of a Certificate of Merit and is enrolled in the Bachelor of Engineering course at Curtin University.
  • Bruce Patmore – 91.15. Bruce is enrolled to study in the Bachelor of Science course at UWA.
  • Lauren Kincaid – 90.15. Lauren was also the recipient of a Certificate of Merit as well as the Curtin University Principal’s Recommendation Award including a scholarship to the value of $1000. She is now enrolled to study Occupational Therapy.

SCSA State-wide Awards

The following students received a SCSA Certificate of Merit for their studies throughout Year 11 and 12:

  • Catherine Acres (Bachelor of Education: Secondary - UNDA).
  • Katherine Bennett (Occupational Therapy - ECU).
  • Kristen Clarke (Primary Education - ECU).
  • Caitlin Easton (Bachelor of Education: Secondary - ECU).
  • Tahlia Fenton (Bachelor of Arts - UWA). Tahlia also received the UWA Excellence Award which includes $550 to assist in purchasing books and other resources.
  • Alec Johnson (Bachelor of Arts: Architechture - UWA).
  • Elaina O’Connor (Diploma of Musical Theatre - Australian Performing Arts Network).
  • Dallas Povee (Nursing - ECU).
  • Chelsea Reid (Psychology - UWA).
  • Matthew Slocum (Bachelor of Engineering- Curtin).
  • Gabriella Wells (Nutrition and Science - ECU). Gabriella Wells also received the ECU Scholarship Award to the value of $1000. This scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate academic excellence and endeavour, leadership and a commitment to ECU’s core values of integrity, respect, rational enquiry and personal excellence.

Congratulations to all of these students for their outstanding efforts which are indicative of all the successes their futures hold.

Mrs Tamara Boyer - Deputy Principal

Mater Dei Logo


Academic Honours is awarded to students who achieve two thirds or more A grades on their semester report.

Congratulations to the following students who achieved Academic Honours in 2017 Semester 2.

Year 8

  • Tyler Smoker
  • Nehemiah Pitt
  • Ashleigh Moscarda
  • Zahli Moore
  • Ella McPhail
  • Michael Loftus
  • Lexie Griffiths
  • Catia Fernandes
  • Lauren Bossert
  • Layla Albonico
  • Aiysha Wigley

Year 9

  • Tayla Ray
  • Matsidiso Moyo
  • Keenan McMahon
  • Lucy King
  • Ashlee Harwood
  • Zayan Hansrod
  • Maddie George
  • Stella Corboy
  • Tameika Brown
  • Courtney Atkins
  • Pascal Stuart 

Year 10

  • Danielle Speed
  • Jordan Moscarda
  • Euan McLaughlin
  • Joshua Li
  • Melissa Hemetsberger
  • Vanessa Firth
  • Daniel Fazari
  • Gabrielle Desveaux
  • Andre Desveaux
  • Isaac DeMarte
  • Maximus Conti Nibali
  • Rhiannon Clarke
  • Emily Bennett
  • Caitlin Barnard
  • Tahli Arbuckle
  • Taylar Roccheccioli 

Year 11 

  • Megan Wainwright
  • Rochelle Villemin
  • Olivia Strong
  • Cain Scoby-Smith
  • Megan Rosser
  • Lara Panther
  • Keely Lynch
  • Jordan King
  • Jenna Jordan
  • Josh Hobley
  • Charlie Griffiths
  • Sarah Flanagan
  • Ciara Fegredo
  • Meghan Daly
  • Alese Briffa-Nobes
  • Lucy Branch
  • Heather Bongiovanni
  • Keeley Bennett
  • Skyla Wolken

Year 12

  • Aiden Boonnark
  • Jessica Langdon
  • Jessica Ravi
  • Eloise Sampson
  • Luther Tamin

This year we have introduced an Academic Honours Badge which was presented to students at our first whole school assembly this year. Academic Honours Badges are awarded to students who achieve Academic Honours in both Semester 1 and Semester 2. The following students proudly wear 2017 Academic Honours Badges for their outstanding achievements last year.

Year 8

  • Layla Albonico
  • Lauren Bossert
  • Catia Fernandes
  • Michael Loftus
  • Ella McPhail
  • Zahli Moore
  • Ashleigh Moscarda
  • Nehemiah Pitt
  • Tyler Smoker
  • Pascal Stuart

Year 9

  • Courtney Atkins
  • Stella Corboy
  • Zayan Hansrod
  • Ashlee Harwood
  • Lucy King
  • Matsidiso Moyo
  • Tayla Ray
  • Taylar Roccheccioli

Year 10

  • Tahli Arbuckle
  • Caitlin Barnard
  • Emily Bennett
  • Rhiannon Clarke
  • Maximus Conti Nibali
  • Andre Desveaux
  • Gabrielle Desveaux
  • Vanessa Firth
  • Joshua Li
  • Euan McLaughlin
  • Skyla Wolken

Year 11

  • Keeley Bennett
  • Heather Bongiovanni
  • Charlie Griffiths
  • Josh Hobley
  • Jenna Jordan
  • Rochelle Villemin
  • Aiysha Wigley

Year 12 

  • Jessica Ravi
  • Eloise Sampson

Mr John Sullivan - Deputy Principal



At Mater Dei College we believe that learning can be enhanced when students are provided new opportunities to review, reinforce and apply what is learned at school, and homework and study are ways of achieving this outcome.

This year we have introduced a Homework Policy which we ask parents to read and become familiar with. Responsibilities of the school, of students and of parents are detailed in this policy which can be read in its entirety in the Student Planner on pages 12-13.

Homework should be done in time-slots organised around family, leisure, sport, part-time work and other commitments. It is suggested that students work for short concentrated bursts i.e. twenty to forty minutes of fully focused effort interspersed with short breaks.

Year Group Recommended Time Weekly Frequency
7 and 8 1 hours 4 nights
9 1.5 hours 4 nights
10 2 hours  5 nights
11 2.5 hours 5 nights
12 3 hours 5-6 nights

Because of course demands in Year 11 and 12, students who are studying at ATAR level, and those who are serious about their studies would be expected to work for some time during the school holidays.

Any students who would like assistance to create a homework/study timetable are encouraged to visit us in Student Services.

Mr Sullivan and Mrs Boyer

Deputy Principals

Mater Dei Logo

Annual School Community Meeting

The Annual General Meeting for the College Board and the P&F Committee will be held on Tuesday 27, February at 7.00pm in the Catherine Centre Breakout Area (upstairs). This is a great way for parents to contribute to the school community, to support children in their education and to meet other parents. All nominations need to be submitted by Friday 23, February.

To nominate for a position on the College Board, please download and complete this form and return to the administration.

To become involved in the P&F Committee you can download and complete this form and return this to the administration.

OLNA Support for Mater Dei Students


In order to graduate from high school and achieve the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE), all students are required to demonstrate a minimum standard in literacy and numeracy. The OLNA status of all students in Years 10-12 can be accessed under school reports on SEQTA.


Inter-House Swimming Carnival

InterHouse Carnival

The Years 7 - 12 Inter-House Swimming Carnival will be held at the HBF Arena in Joondalup, on Friday 16, February 2018.

The carnival is COMPULSORY (regardless of participation in events), for all students in Years 7 - 9 and selected students in Years 10 - 12. All remaining students in Years 10 - 12 are required to attend the College as per normal. Please note that no new content will be delivered in lessons that day due to some senior school students participating in the carnival.

Students are expected to make their own way to and from the HBF Arena. Students are required to be at the venue by 8.30am sharp for normal Homeroom duties. The carnival will commence at 8.45am and conclude at 3.00pm.

For those students unable to make their own way to and/or from HBF Arena and for those students relying on Path Transit, bus shuttle services will depart the College at 8.00am and return to the College at 3.15pm.

To indicate if you child/children needs to access this shuttle service, click on the using school transport icon located on the Event Invitation email sent to all parents.

Please note, the program of events is designed to accommodate all swimming abilities.

If any parents/guardians would like to be an official on the day, please reply via the link in the email sent to all parents regarding Parent Helpers.

Uniform Requirements:

  • House shirt and College Sports shorts, socks and shoes
  • Bathers: Modest and practical design

Personal Requirements:

  • College Sports Bag
  • Lunch and drinks
  • Café facilities at the HBF Arena will NOT be available for students to access. Students will need to bring their own food and drinks for the day.

Note: Items such as personal music devices, mobile phones and magazines are NOT to be brought to the carnival.

Mrs Wendy Martin
Acting Head of Learning Area - Health and Physical Education

Student Achievements

Taneesha Baker

Taneesha BAKER Year 10

Taneesha was one of only 24 footballers from around Australia whose application to the 2018 Tim Cahill Ambitions Tour was successful. Taneesha’s application was so strong that she was awarded a scholarship which included a fully-paid trip to Melbourne to participate in the intensive soccer program, sponsorship from New Balance and many other perks and incentives, including meeting Tim Cahill himself. Congratulations Taneesha, we wish you all the best for your future soccer career, as we’re sure you’ll be a star!

Caitlin Barnard

Caitlin Barnard Year 10 

Caitlin travelled to South Australia in December last year as a member of the U16 WA State Hockey Team to compete in a national tournament. Her team performed amazingly well and managed to secure a bronze medal. Caitlin has since been selected as a goalkeeper to represent Australia in the U16 National Hockey Team and will be travelling to South Africa in June 2018 to compete against teams from all around the world. Congratulations Caitlin, and we wish you all the very best for your upcoming competition.

Laura Doleman 24Laura Doleman Year 10

Laura Doleman was selected from thousands of dancers to perform with the Dream Creative Dance Company, founded by one of Australia's most esteemed creative directors Marko Panzic.

The company performed in Sydney during January to sell-out performances. They have just announced that they will also be performing with the Dream Dance Company live at the Australian Dance Festival in September 2018.

In addition to this, Laura also won the National Title, U15 Championships at Follow Your Dreams National Dance Competition in Melbourne, where she received over $2000 worth of prizes.

Laura is such a talented dancer and is following her dreams. We are all so proud of her achievements and wish her well for her future endeavours.

Merit Certificates/Cards

space gold star clipart

Benedict House

Darius Cheong (Year 8) x3 merit certificates

Mercy House

Isabelle Lofano (Year 8) x2 merit certificates

Mya Gerschwitz (Year 8) x1 merit certificate

Romero House

Reece Ramirez (Year 8) x1 merit certificate

Siena House

Rhiannon Clarke (Year 10) has been awarded her Bronze level card. Congratulations.

Melissa Hemetsberger (Year 10) x2 merit certificates


Army Cadets

Australian Army Cadets Visit MDC 

This week, cadets from the 507 Cadet Unit came and spoke to our students to provide information on the Army Cadets program.

If students want to experience things in the great outdoors and develop organisational, team and leadership skills this is a great program run for 13- 17 year olds.

The program can go towards your WACE Graduation as well.

There are a number of Cadet Units in the northern suburbs, if you would like more information contact Captain David Whelan: 507ACU@armycadets.gov.au

Equestrian Interschool Festival


I will be represening Mater Dei College in the 2018 Saddles Plus Equestrian Interschool’s Festival held over the first term break.

The festival will be held over three days from the 18 - 20 April at the State Equestrian Centre. This festival will include the disciplines of showjumping, showhorse, dressage and combined training. Another festival will be held from the 17 - 18 March for eventing at the Capel Regional Equestrian Centre. This will give students the opportunity to compete to represent our school in their sport along with hundreds of other students from across the state.

If your child/children may want to take part in this opportunity they must obtain a copy of the qualification sheet. All horses and riders must be EA registered and have the horses qualified for the event. The qualification sheet needs to be filled out with the desired information and handed into the EWA office by 5:00pm on  6 March, 2018 for eventing only. Other disciplines need to have their qualification sheet handed in on  12 March. Students are responsible for their qualification sheet and classes on the day. The classes entered will be paid for by parents/guardians. All students must wear their winter academic uniform over their breeches/jodhpurs.

Max Conti Nibali (YR 10)



2018banner2x copyThe WA Children’s Book Council invites students to make their own story book.

The focus of the competition is the creation of an engaging and original story or picture book that satisfies the entry requirements. To quote our judges, ‘It is the story that makes the book a winner.’ Examples of previous winning entries can be viewed on our website wa.cbca.org.au 

Please direct all enquiries regarding the competition to Denise Robins Email myosbwa@cbca.org.au

Further information including entry form and detail are available on the Children's Book Council website http://wa.cbca.org.au/wamyosb.htm

Closing date Friday 8, June 2018.


Enrolments Newsletter WebsiteYear 7, 2020 Enrolments – if you have not enrolled siblings for Year 7, 2020 please contact the Enrolments Officer. Interviews for Year 7, 2020 will start in March 2018.

For further enquiries please phone our Enrolments Officer, Ang Lourens on 9405 4777 or email: enrolments@mdc.wa.edu.au.

Uniform Shop

Uniform1Term 1 Week 2 -10

Monday 8.00am -11.30am

Thursday 12.30pm - 4.00pm

(During school term only)

In addition to visiting the Mater Dei College Uniform Shop and placing your uniform order in person, Matrix Uniforms (supplier of Mater Dei College Uniforms) now offers the convenience of online ordering.


Matrix Uniforms Contact: 0435 751 963

Please note this phone is only operated during school uniform shop hours. If we are unavailable, please leave a message and we will call you back.

For urgent queries over the school holidays please email sales@matrixuniforms.com.au

Purchases can now be paid with Cash, Eftpos or Credit card. Student Card will no longer be accepted in the Uniform Shop

Community Notices

Adult Faith Opportunities

Are you searching for ways to enrich your understanding of the Catholic faith and tradition? Would you like to find out more about a particular sacrament which your child may be receiving? Then the Centre for Faith Enrichment is for you! We offer a wide range of face-to-face and online courses and events on topics ranging from spirituality, Church history, theology, scripture, Christian living and much more. No exams or assignments, just a relaxed and friendly learning atmosphere. To know more visit our website www.cfe.org.au where you will find our courses and eventspage and explore our new sacraments website

International Day of Science

Heathridge Theatretrain leaflet

Thu Mar 21 @12:00AM
Harmony Day
Thu Mar 21 @ 8:35AM - 03:20PM
MDC Discovery Day
Thu Mar 21 @ 8:35AM - 03:20PM
Yr 12 PES ATAR (Live Lighter)
Thu Mar 21 @ 8:35AM - 03:20PM
ACC Swimming Carnival
Thu Mar 21 @ 3:30PM - 05:30PM
Hairspray rehearsal
Fri Mar 22 @12:00AM
MDC Foundation Day
Sun Mar 24 @10:00AM - 02:00PM
Hairspray rehearsal
Mon Mar 25 @ 8:35AM - 03:20PM
Feast of the Annunciation
Mon Mar 25 @ 8:35AM - 01:00PM
2021 Interview Morning Tours
Tue Mar 26 @ 8:35AM - 03:20PM
Yr12 CFC Foodbank Exc.

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