What is Mental Health?


Mental health is about being happy and able to work and study to your full potential. Life can be filled with stress on a day to day basis. Good mental health means you can cope with these stresses and challenges and live a satisfying life both at school, at home and with friends.


What are Mental Health Problems?


Mental health problems can occur at any time to anyone. Many of us can have times where we feel sad, tense, angry or anxious. However, when these feelings last for long periods of time or interfere with your daily life, it may be time to seek some support.


To download fact sheets on various Mental Health issues, click on the links below





Eating Disorders

Self Harm


Getting Help!


There are many places you can get help. Speak with an adult you trust such as a school staff member, school counsellor, year coordinator or family member.


Helping Someone Else


Helping someone who has a mood disorder 


For support information and advice, click on the links below

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